China water environment situation based on national water environment information database
XU Mei, LI Ji-ren, HUANG Shi-feng, PANG Zhi-guo
2004, 15(5): 543-548.
Abstract PDF
Research on the behavior of obstructed round buoyant vertical jets in static ambient, 1, verification of mathematical model and numerical method
HUAI Wen-xin, FANG Shen-guang
2004, 15(5): 549-554.
Abstract PDF
Research on the behavior of obstructed round buoyant vertical jets in static ambient, 2, analysis on the behavior of flow field
FANG Shen-guang, HUAI Wen-xin
2004, 15(5): 555-560.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of applicability of flux difference splitting scheme on 2D flow-pollutant calculation
DING Ling, PANG Yong, ZHAO Di-hua, WU Jian-qiang, LÜ Jun
2004, 15(5): 561-565.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of a vertical turbulent jet discharged from the bottom of static shallow water with the VOF method
YUAN Li-rong, SHEN Yong-ming, ZHENG Yong-hong
2004, 15(5): 566-570.
Abstract PDF
Design and application of integrated non-point source management system for river basin
WANG Shao-ping, YU Li-zhong, XU Shi-yuan
2004, 15(5): 571-575.
Abstract PDF
Study of the model of heavy metal pollutants transport
HE Yong, LI Yi-tian
2004, 15(5): 576-583.
Abstract PDF
Comparison study on incipient motion conditions for cohesionless sediment
NIE Rui-hua, LIU Xing-nian, CAO Shu-you, LI Li
2004, 15(5): 584-587.
Abstract PDF
Influence of long and deep buried diversion tunnel on water temperature in downstream of hydro-power plant
LI Ran, LI Ke-feng, DENG Yun, CHEN Ming-qian
2004, 15(5): 588-592.
Abstract PDF
Exploration on memory requirement and operation efficiency of finite element method in flow calculation
ZHOU Jie, WANG De-guan
2004, 15(5): 593-597.
Abstract PDF
Ice engineering sub-areas in Bohai from ice physical and mechanical parameters
LI Zhi-jun, LU Peng, Devinder S Sodhi
2004, 15(5): 598-602.
Abstract PDF
Effection of lake-saving on calculation of complex river systems
WU Zuo-ping, YANG Guo-lu, GAN Ming-hui
2004, 15(5): 603-607.
Abstract PDF
Study of some problems in water cycle changes of the Yellow River basin
LIU Chang-ming
2004, 15(5): 608-614.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study on underwater light intensity and primary productivity caused by variation of total suspended matter
ZHANG Yun-lin, QIN Bo-qiang, CHEN Wei-min, GAO Guang, CHEN Yu-wei
2004, 15(5): 615-620.
Abstract PDF
Calculation method for ecological water demand based on theory of ecological economy
QIAO Yun-feng, WANG Xiao-hong, JI Chang-ming, WANG Li-ping
2004, 15(5): 621-625.
Abstract PDF
On concepts of ecological water demand
ZHENG Hong-xing, LIU Chang-ming, FENG Hua-li
2004, 15(5): 626-633.
Abstract PDF
3D spatial dispersing method for interstitial geohydrology succession based on GIS
CHEN Suo-zhong, HUANG Jia-zhu, ZHANG Jin-shan
2004, 15(5): 634-639.
Abstract PDF
Study of carbonate equilibrium based on activity
LIU Jian-gang, WU Shun-hua, ZHENG Ke-xun
2004, 15(5): 640-642.
Abstract PDF
Application of virtual reality to Dujiangyan 3D information system
ZHANG Shang-hong, QU Zhao-song, ZHENG Jun, WANG Xing-kui
2004, 15(5): 643-649.
Abstract PDF
Numerical model and quantitative analysis of soil and water erosion process in the small watershed based on 3S technology
WAN Ye, DUAN Chang-qun, WANG Yu-chao, WANG Xue-lin, WANG Jian-ping
2004, 15(5): 650-654.
Abstract PDF
About strategic framework for Dujiangyan water resources sustainable development
XU Ming
2004, 15(5): 655-659.
Abstract PDF
Application of linear planning method to water management of irrigation area
FENG Bao-qing, LEI Zhi-dong, JIANG Hai-bo, SUN Fu-bao, YANG Shi-xiu
2004, 15(5): 660-664.
Abstract PDF
Long-term prediction method for reservoirs water regime
ZHENG Jin-ling, LIN Jing-yu
2004, 15(5): 665-669.
Abstract PDF
Research on urban flood disaster insurance loss estimation using RS and GIS
LI Zhe, QIN Qi-ming, ABDUWASIT Ghulam, WANG Lin
2004, 15(5): 670-674.
Abstract PDF
Application of Bayesian approach to the adjustment of flood premium
FU Xiang, LIU Ning, WANG Li-ping, JI Chang-ming
2004, 15(5): 675-678.
Abstract PDF
Discussion about atmospheric hydrology
ZHANG Xue-wen, YANG Qing, YANG Lian-mei
2004, 15(5): 679-682.
Abstract PDF
Advances in applications of MODIS to hydrology and water resources
PENG Ding-zhi, XIONG Li-hua, GUO Sheng-lian, HU Cai-hong, ZHANG Hong
2004, 15(5): 683-688.
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