Simulation of one-dimensional solute transport in homogeneous and heterogeneous soils with scale-dependent fractional advection-dispersion equation
CHEN Jing, HUANG Guan-hua, HUANG Quan-zhong
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Abstract PDF
Improvement of Delaunay method and its application to spatial sampling network design for contaminant plume monitoring
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Abstract PDF
Ecological water demand of Ningxia oasis based on ecological conservancy
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Abstract PDF
Optimization of waste load allocation with stochastic pollutant discharge in a tidal river basin
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Abstract PDF
Hyperspectral model of chlorophyll-a concentration in Nanhu lake in Changchun
DUAN Hong-tao, ZHANG Bai, SONG Kai-shan, WANG Zong-ming, XU Yan-ling
2006, 17(3): 323-329.
Abstract PDF
Spatial-temporal variation of dissolved silicon in Wujiangdu reservoir
ZHU Jun, LIU Cong-qiang, WANG Yu-chun, LI Si-liang, LI Jun
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Abstract PDF
Numerical study of the Tai Hang Tung storage Scheme,Hong Kong
KUANG Cui-ping, LEE Joseph Hun-wei, CHAN Hau-cheung, Peter clark, Nick Townsend, Raymond siu
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Abstract PDF
3-D numerical simulation of density currents’ spreading on the slope
LAI Xi-jun, WANG De-guan, JIANG Jia-hu, HUANG Qun
2006, 17(3): 342-347.
Abstract PDF
Phenomena of replacement between spatial and temporal processes during the process of reformation downstream reservoirs: A case study of middle-lower Han river after the construction of Danjiangkou reservoir
ZHANG Jun-yong, CHEN Li, WU Men-wu, DENG Xiao-li
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Abstract PDF
Experimental study on effect of local scour at piers and protection by tetrahedron frame
FANG Shi-long, TANG Hong-wu, ZHOU Yi-lin, CAI Kai-xi
2006, 17(3): 354-358.
Abstract PDF
Spatial-temporal trends of water quality and its influence by land use: A case study of the main rivers in Shenzhen
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Abstract PDF
Analysis of skewness coefficient of rainstorm and precipitation
WANG Jia-qi, YAO Hui-ming, GUAN Tie-sheng
2006, 17(3): 365-370.
Abstract PDF
Dual-source remote sensing model for estimating land surface evapotranspiration and its application in North China Plain
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Abstract PDF
Sub-pixel lakes mapping in Tibetan Plateau
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Abstract PDF
Approach for urban debris flow risk assessment
TANG Chuan, ZHU Jing
2006, 17(3): 383-388.
Abstract PDF
Study on city water shortage of China
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Abstract PDF
Basin water resources real-time allocation: Case study in the Heihe River basin
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Abstract PDF
Effects of hydrodynamic turbulent conditions on aggregate fractal structures
LI Dong-mei, JIN Tong-gui, WANG He-ping, MEI Sheng, TAN Wan-chun
2006, 17(3): 402-406.
Abstract PDF
Research on water volume of sediment transport and the calculating method in the lower Yellow River
SHEN Guan-qing, JIANG Nai-qian, LI Yong, SHANG Hong-xia, LI Xiao-ping
2006, 17(3): 407-413.
Abstract PDF
Two-step optimal operation and control method for long distance gravity-flow delivery in canals
HAN Yan-cheng, GAO Xue-ping
2006, 17(3): 414-418.
Abstract PDF
View of global hydrological cycle
LU Gui-hua, HE Hai
2006, 17(3): 419-424.
Abstract PDF
Current status and prospect of study on simulation model of water resources system
YOU Jin-jun, WANG Hao, GAN Hong
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Abstract PDF
Review of assessment methods for instream ecological flow requirements
ZHONG Hua-ping, LIU Heng, GENG Lei-hua, XU Chun-xiao
2006, 17(3): 430-434.
Abstract PDF