Temporal changes in annual runoff and influential factors in the upper and middle reaches of Yellow River from 1919—2010
LI Erhui, MU Xingmin, ZHAO Guangju
2014, 25(2): 155-163.
Abstract PDF
Spatial-temporal variability characteristics of precipitation structure across the upper Yangtze River basin, China
YE Yuntao, LIANG Lili, GONG Jiaguo, JIANG Yunzhong, WANG Hao
2014, 25(2): 164-171.
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A study on the mechanism of wetland degradation in Ruoergai swamp
LI Zhiwei, WANG Zhaoyin, ZHANG Chendi, HAN Lujie, ZHAO Na
2014, 25(2): 172-180.
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Estimation of surface fluxes under drought water stress conditions based on remotely sensed data
HUANG Chunlin, LI Yan, LU Ling, GU Juan
2014, 25(2): 181-188.
Abstract PDF
Processes of rainfall infiltration, runoff and sediment yield on purple soil slope containing rock fragments
WANG Xiaoyan, WANG Tianwei, CAI Chongfa, XIE Deti
2014, 25(2): 189-195.
Abstract PDF
Isotopes tracer research of wet sand layer water sources in Alxa Desert
CHEN Jiansheng, CHEN Xixi, WANG Ting
2014, 25(2): 196-206.
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Dust influences on alpine glacier meltwater in Laohugou glacier basin of western Qilian Mountains
DONG Zhiwen, QIN Dahe, CHEN Jizu, QIN Xiang, ZHANG Ruibo, REN Jiawen
2014, 25(2): 207-216.
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Analysis on physical and chemical properties of water in thermokarst lakes along Qinghai-Tibet engineering corridor
LIN Zhanju, NIU Fujun, LUO Jing, YIN Guo'an, LIU Minghao, CHRIS Burn
2014, 25(2): 217-224.
Abstract PDF
A transport model for heavy metals in sediments
WANG Jingyu, FANG Hongwei, HUANG Lei, CHEN Yishan, HE Guojian
2014, 25(2): 225-232.
Abstract PDF
Characteristics of surface ice movement in a channel bend with intake and the layout of ice deflection booms
LI Chao, LI Changyou, SHEN Hung Tao
2014, 25(2): 233-238.
Abstract PDF
Large eddy simulation of a jet in wave-current environment
XU Zhenshan, CHEN Yongping, ZHANG Changkuan, WANG Yana
2014, 25(2): 239-245.
Abstract PDF
Mechanisms of gradual riverbank collapses and simulation study
ZHANG Xingnong, CHEN Changying, JIA Dongdong, YING Qiang, ZHANG Sihe
2014, 25(2): 246-252.
Abstract PDF
An experimental study on profile changes of sandy seabed under breaking waves
CHENG Yongzhou, PAN Yun, JIANG Changbo, LI Qingfeng
2014, 25(2): 253-259.
Abstract PDF
LID-BMPs planning for urban runoff control and case study
JIA Haifeng, YAO Hairong, TANG Ying, YU Shawlei
2014, 25(2): 260-267.
Abstract PDF
Temporal and spatial variation and correlativity of water productivity indexes in irrigated land of China
CAO Xinchun, WU Pute, WANG Yubao, ZHAO Xining
2014, 25(2): 268-274.
Abstract PDF
Effects of underlying surface changes on drainage modulus in Four-lake Watershed
LUO Wenbing, WANG Xiugui, LUO Qiang, ZHANG Xiaochun
2014, 25(2): 275-281.
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Experimental study of continuous stress-day index of water logging and excessive soil water as drainage standard of rice paddy fields
YU Shuang'en, GUO Jie, CHEN Jun, DING Jihui
2014, 25(2): 282-287.
Abstract PDF
Advances in the theories of hydrologic similarity:A discussion
LIU Jintao, SONG Huiqing, WANG Aihua
2014, 25(2): 288-296.
Abstract PDF
A quantitative framework for assessing drought disaster risk and key techniques
QU Yanping, LI Jianqiang, LYU Juan, SU Zhicheng, QIU Bing, LI Aihua
2014, 25(2): 297-304.
Abstract PDF
2014, 25(2): 305-306.
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