Sediment deposition analysis of downstream access channel of permanent ship lock during 135m operational phase of Three Gorges reservoir
HU Xing-e, LI Yun-zhong, LI Ming-chao
2008, 19(1): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
Monitoring and analysis of variation in the Yellow River estuary based on remote sensing under the change of environment of flow and sediment
XU Mei, LI Ji-ren, HUANG Shi-feng, LI Xiao-tao, MENG Fan-guang
2008, 19(1): 8-12.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study of feature of the cohesive sediment lamination movement
WANG Jia-sheng, CHEN Li, LIU Lin, HUANG Rong-min
2008, 19(1): 13-18.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation study on longitudinal profile of scouring funnel
FENG Xiao-xiang, ZHANG Xiao-feng, WEI Zhi-lin, LI Jian-bing
2008, 19(1): 19-26.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study on the incipient plunging point of stratified flow of turbidity currents and debris flows
YU Bin
2008, 19(1): 27-35.
Abstract PDF
Modelling hydrological cycle system in Zhalong wetland based on reservoir model concept
XU Shi-guo, LIU Da-qing, TANG Xiao-liang
2008, 19(1): 36-42.
Abstract PDF
Studies of the energy balance and evapotranspiration over the typical marsh wetland in Sanjiang plain
SUN Li, SONG Chang-chun
2008, 19(1): 43-48.
Abstract PDF
Hydrological cycle and improvement alternatives for urban area
LIAW Chao-hsien, CHAN Li-mei, CHEN Chia-liang, CHIU Yie-ru
2008, 19(1): 49-53.
Abstract PDF
Seasonal flood frequency analysis and flood prevention standard
XIAO Yi, GUO Sheng-lian, LIU Pan, XIONG Li-hua, FANG Bin
2008, 19(1): 54-60.
Abstract PDF
Spatial heterogeneity of soil moisture in alpine meadow area of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
LI Yuan-shou, WANG Gen-xu, DING Yong-jian, WANG Yibo, ZHAO Lin, ZHANG Chun-min
2008, 19(1): 61-67.
Abstract PDF
Constant water levels at the upstream of sluice gates in a large-scale transferring channel
FANG Shen-guang, LI Yu-rong, WU Bao-sheng
2008, 19(1): 68-71.
Abstract PDF
Threshold value of epikarst runoff in forest karst mountain area
JIANG Guang-hui, WU Ji-chun, GUO Fang, LI Hua-ju, SUN Hai-long
2008, 19(1): 72-77.
Abstract PDF
Numerical modeling of multi-directional random wave transformation in wave-current coexisting water areas
ZHENG Jin-hai, Hajime Mase
2008, 19(1): 78-83.
Abstract PDF
Model experiment study of effect of discharge atomization for energy dissipation by hydraulic jump
WU Shi-qiang, WU Xiu-feng, ZHOU Hui, CHEN Hui-ling
2008, 19(1): 84-88.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of plug energy dissipater flow
YIN Ze-gao, SHI Bing, ZHAO Lin, SUN Dong-po
2008, 19(1): 89-93.
Abstract PDF
Mixed-water model of watershed based on incomplete mixing pattern
WANG Chuan-hai, ZHU Yan, CHENG Wen-hui, XIANG Xiao-hua
2008, 19(1): 94-98.
Abstract PDF
Assessment of eutrophication in the Yangtze River estuary and its adjacent waters
SU Chang, SHEN Zhi-liang, YAO Yun, CAO Hai-rong
2008, 19(1): 99-105.
Abstract PDF
Distribution of pCO2 in Hongfeng lake in summer stratification
LÜ Ying-chun, LIU Cong-qiang, WANG Shi-lu, XU Gang
2008, 19(1): 106-110.
Abstract PDF
Hydrostatic settling suspended matter of large shallow lake
XIANG Jun, PANG Yong, LI Yi-ping, WEI Hai, WANG Peng, LIU Xing-ping
2008, 19(1): 111-115.
Abstract PDF
Prediction model of chaotic time series based on support vector machine and its application to runoff
YU Guo-rong, XIA Zi-qiang
2008, 19(1): 116-122.
Abstract PDF
High precision numerical integral on free surface boundary of 3-D unsteady seepage problem
ZHENG Gui-lan, WANG Yuan, PEI Li-hua
2008, 19(1): 123-128.
Abstract PDF
Recent development and universality evaluation of ET0 calculation formulas
SU Chun-hong, CHEN Ya-xin, XU Bing
2008, 19(1): 129-136.
Abstract PDF
Development in numerical and experimental study of the multiple jets
LU Qi-ling, CHEN Gang
2008, 19(1): 137-146.
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