Study on calculation method about exchanging between suspended load and bed load in the lower reaches of the Yellow River
ZHAO Lian-jun, TAN Guang-ming, WEI Zhi-lin, ZHANG Hong-wu, JIANG En-hui
2005, 16(2): 155-163.
Abstract PDF
Mechanisms of absorbing nitrochlorobenzene by the sediment of the Yellow River
YIN Yan-hua, XU Wen-guo
2005, 16(2): 164-168.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study on effect of positively charged ion in river on the velocity of sediment particles
WANG Jia-sheng, CHEN Li, LIU Lin, DENG Xiao-li
2005, 16(2): 169-173.
Abstract PDF
Study on spatial-temporal process of soil loss on loess slope surface by rare earth element tracers technology
XUE Ya-zhou, LIU Pu-ling, YANG Ming-yi, JU Tong-jun
2005, 16(2): 174-180.
Abstract PDF
3-D visualization and analysis for underwater terrain evolution ofthe Pearl River estuary networks in long-term span
DU Guo-ming, CHEN Xiao-xiang, WU Chao-yu, LIU Qiu-hai, REN Jie
2005, 16(2): 181-184.
Abstract PDF
3-D numerical modeling of spillway with flaring gate piers for high arch dams
LI Fu-tian, LIU Pei-qing, MA Bao-feng
2005, 16(2): 185-188.
Abstract PDF
Comparison of methods predicting normal depth in compound channels
YANG Ke-jun, CAO Shu-you, LIU Xing-nian
2005, 16(2): 189-195.
Abstract PDF
Flood control operation numerical model for Linhuaigang project on Huai River
WU Shi-qiang, WU Xiu-feng, ZHOU Hui, TONG Zhong-shan, YANG Feng, YU Song
2005, 16(2): 196-202.
Abstract PDF
Laboratory investigation of stratified flows in strongly curved flumes
HUA Zu-lin, CHU Ke-jian, XING Ling-hang
2005, 16(2): 203-209.
Abstract PDF
Study on the spatial variability of hydraulic conductivity
SHI Xiao-qing, WU Ji-chun, YUAN Yong-sheng
2005, 16(2): 210-215.
Abstract PDF
Slope hydrogeology and collecting seepage water techniquesin gneiss area in the Taihang mountains
CAO Jian-sheng, LIU Chang-ming, ZHANG Wan-jun, YANG Yong-hui
2005, 16(2): 216-221.
Abstract PDF
Evaluation of a power averaging technique of effective parameters on simulation of atrazine leached in soil at field scale
MAO Meng, REN Li
2005, 16(2): 222-232.
Abstract PDF
Effects of runoff from upslope on rainfall infiltration and soil water redistribution at a planar slope
CHEN Hong-song, SHAO Ming-an, WANG Ke-lin
2005, 16(2): 233-237.
Abstract PDF
Establishment and application of early-warning system in groundwater resource management in the urban area of Changchun
WANG Kai-jun, CAO Jian-feng, XU Lei, SUN Tao
2005, 16(2): 238-243.
Abstract PDF
Comprehensive assessment method for region sustainable water resources
SONG Song-bai, CAI Huan-jie
2005, 16(2): 244-249.
Abstract PDF
Asset liability analysis method for carrying capacity of the region water resources
LIU Bing-jun, SHAO Dong-guo
2005, 16(2): 250-254.
Abstract PDF
Study on models, principles and index system on trans-boundary water resources allocation
HE Da-ming, FENG Yan, CHEN Li-hui, GAN Shu, GOU Jun-hua
2005, 16(2): 255-262.
Abstract PDF
Weight analysis based on the information entropy research on the inputs of ANN
ZHANG Xiao-feng, YUAN Jing
2005, 16(2): 263-267.
Abstract PDF
Time series analysis of SSM/I microwave radiometer brightness temperature in Antarctica
CHENG Xiao, ZHANG Yan-mei, LI Zhen, SHAO Yun
2005, 16(2): 268-273.
Abstract PDF
Estimation of regional evapotranspiration using high resolution LANDSAT/ETM+ data
JIANG Jie, ZHANG Yong-qiang, LIU Chang-ming
2005, 16(2): 274-279.
Abstract PDF
Study on the river water environment capacity by geographic information model method: An example from Guilin Section of Lijiang River
LI Yong-jun, CHENG Yu-dao, SUN Tao
2005, 16(2): 280-283.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of comprehensive principal factors in irrigation management level index of irrigation area
TIAN Juan, GUO Zong-lou, YAO Shui-ping
2005, 16(2): 284-288.
Abstract PDF
Progress in study of water quality model and review of river basin management model-WARMF
LUO Ding-gui, WANG Xue-jun, SUN Li-ning
2005, 16(2): 289-294.
Abstract PDF
Inspirations from development of present international rivers to China
GENG Lei-hua, CHEN Ji-wei, LIU Heng, ZHONG Hua-ping
2005, 16(2): 295-299.
Abstract PDF
Introduction and analysis of water supply policies in the Tampa Bay area
SU Jun-shan, GAO Bo, XU Shi-guo
2005, 16(2): 300-304.
Abstract PDF
Research advances in regional water security strategy
QIU De-hua
2005, 16(2): 305-312.
Abstract PDF