Mode and calculation method for rational water resources allocation in arid zone
WANG Hao, QIN Da-yong, GUO Meng-zhuo, WANG Jian-hua
2004, 15(6): 689-694.
Abstract PDF
Challenge from the appearance of vadose water within the surface iayer of megadunes, Badain-jaran dune desert, Inner Mongolia
GU Wei-zu, CHEN Jian-sheng, WANG Ji-yang, ZHAO Xia, XIE Min, LU Jia-ju, Klaus-Peter Seiler
2004, 15(6): 695-699.
Abstract PDF
Model parameter inversion for cadmium ion transport through unsaturated soils
CUI Kai, LI Bao-yuan, LI Xing-si, YANG Guo-wei
2004, 15(6): 700-705.
Abstract PDF
Unsteady one-dimensional numerical model for alluvial rivers with heavy sediment load and its applications
ZHONG De-yu, PENG Yang, ZHANG Hong-wu
2004, 15(6): 706-710.
Abstract PDF
Research on shallow plate wake using DPIV
LIANG Dong-fang, LI Yu-liang, CHEN Jia-fan
2004, 15(6): 711-716.
Abstract PDF
Rigid model for transient flow in pressurized pipe system containing trapped air mass
LIU De-you, SUO Li-sheng
2004, 15(6): 717-722.
Abstract PDF
Study on friction factor and eddy viscosity of overbank flows
XU Wei-lin, D. W. Knight, TANG Xiao-nan
2004, 15(6): 723-727.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of two-dimensional strong turbulence flow with free surface in orthogonal curvilinear coordinate system
DAI Hui-chao, WEI Wen-li
2004, 15(6): 728-734.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of three-dimensional flow for spillway containing frusta
WANG Zhi-dong, WANG De-guan
2004, 15(6): 735-738.
Abstract PDF
Application of non-grid numerical model to hydrodynamics of structures
LI Shao-wu, YIN Zhen-jun
2004, 15(6): 739-744.
Abstract PDF
Introduction to the high danger of flood disaster in the middle Yangtze River
YIN Rui-lan, SHEN Tai
2004, 15(6): 745-751.
Abstract PDF
Nitrogen transport fluxes in the Yangtze River
SHEN Zhi-liang
2004, 15(6): 752-759.
Abstract PDF
Simulation on the negatively buoyant jet in static ambient by RNG turbulence model
YANG Zhong-hua, HUAI Wen-xin
2004, 15(6): 760-764.
Abstract PDF
Using hybrid algorithm of simplex-annealing to estimate water quality parameters of river stream
GUO Jian-qing, LI Yan, WANG Hong-sheng, MA Jian
2004, 15(6): 765-769.
Abstract PDF
Study on the starting principles of sediment by water force in Taihu lake
LI Yi-ping, PANG Yong, CHEN Ke-sen, PENG Jin-ping, DING Ling, JIN Ying
2004, 15(6): 770-774.
Abstract PDF
Vertical distribution of the concentrations of phosphorus and suspended solid in Taihu lake affected by wind-induced wave
ZHU Guang-wei, QIN Bo-qiang, GAO Guang
2004, 15(6): 775-780.
Abstract PDF
Case study:calculation of eco-environmental water demand of urban lake for six lakes of Beijing
XIAO Fang, LIU Jing-ling, YANG Zhi-feng
2004, 15(6): 781-786.
Abstract PDF
Real-time hydrological forecasting method of artificial neural network based on forgetting factor
YUAN Jing, ZHANG Xiao-fengan
2004, 15(6): 787-792.
Abstract PDF
Research on a GIS-based automatic generation algorithm of body-fitted meshes adaptive to river terrain
JIANG Zhi-jun, LI De-ren, WANG Wei, LI Lan, YI Hua-rong
2004, 15(6): 793-800.
Abstract PDF
Estimation of usable water resources and carrying capacity in Northwest China
JIA Shao-feng, ZHOU Chang-qing, YAN Hua-yun, ZHOU Hong-fei, TANG Qi-cheng, ZHANG Jie-bin
2004, 15(6): 801-807.
Abstract PDF
Rational water pricing for the South to North Water Transfer project
LIU Chun-sheng
2004, 15(6): 808-812.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on investment and benefit of harvested rainwater utilization in the northwest loess Plateau
ZHANG Zhi-shan, WEI Xing-hu, LI Xin-rong, WANG Xin-ping, XIE Zhong-kui
2004, 15(6): 813-818.
Abstract PDF
Hydrological and water resources problems in arid inland river basin
DENG Ming-jiang, GUO Chun-hong
2004, 15(6): 819-823.
Abstract PDF
Water environment problems and counter measures in the Three Gorges reservoir area
LUO Yong-ju
2004, 15(6): 824-828.
Abstract PDF
Research background, methodological issues and significance on virtual water of crop and livestock production
CAO Jian-ting, LI Yuan-yuan, ZHANG Wen-sheng, XU Peng-bo, LIU Jun-guo
2004, 15(6): 829-834.
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