Study on real-time flood forecasting system for the Three Gorges Reservoir
WANG Chuan-hai, GUO Li-jun, RUI Xiao-fang, KONG Fan-zhe
2003, 14(6): 677-381.
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Study on the impounding time and objective decision of the Three Gorges Project at the end of flood period
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2003, 14(6): 682-689.
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Influence of precipitation and human activities on water fluxes from the Yellow River into the sea in the past 50 years
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2003, 14(6): 690-695.
Abstract PDF
Application of the sediment transport capacity models to unsteady sediment transport from overland flow
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Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of river ice jam
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Abstract PDF
Kinetics mechanism of rapid mixing in turbulence
WU Dao-ji, ZHANG Yong-ji, LI Gui-bai, TAN Feng-xun
2003, 14(6): 706-709.
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Research of two-dimension eutrophication ecological dynamic model
RAO Qun, RUI Xiao-fang, XU Yan-hua, ZHANG Yu-feng, ZHANG Xue-ying
2003, 14(6): 710-713.
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Geochemical characteristics of phosphorus in sediments of a large shallow lake
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2003, 14(6): 714-719.
Abstract PDF
Study on total phosphorus as controlling parameter of drinking water biological stability
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2003, 14(6): 720-724.
Abstract PDF
Model and simulation of water environmental system in Changchun
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Abstract PDF
On box dimensions of river basins of China
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2003, 14(6): 731-735.
Abstract PDF
Key hydrological parameters retrieved by using remote sensing technique in the Yellow River Basin
JIANG Dong, WANG Jian-hua, YANG Xiao-huan, WANG Nai-bin, Rosema A
2003, 14(6): 736-739.
Abstract PDF
Concept of ecological water requirement and its estimation method
SU Xiao-ling, KANG Shao-zhong
2003, 14(6): 740-744.
Abstract PDF
Method for estimating ecological water requirement of natural vegetation in arid area
ZHANG Li, DONG Zeng-chuan, ZHAO Bin
2003, 14(6): 745-748.
Abstract PDF
Accuracy control model for micro-irrigation
LI Kai, MAO Han-ping
2003, 14(6): 749-753.
Abstract PDF
Method for determining stream water quality parameters with the non-conservative tracer
TGUO Jian-qing, LI Yan, MA Jian, WANG Hong-sheng
2003, 14(6): 754-758.
Abstract PDF
Slugging test method for determining permeability coefficient of unconfined aquifer
DU Zhong-de, MA Bing-hui, YAO Lai-gen, WANG Zi-ming
2003, 14(6): 759-762.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study on reducing the size of circulating region in the downstream of spur dikes
MA Yong-jun, CHEN Zhi-cong, DING Xiang
2003, 14(6): 763-768.
Abstract PDF
Fractal description of porous media permeability
LIU Xiao-li, LIANG Bing, XUE Qiang
2003, 14(6): 769-773.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on impact of water-transfer between regions on the water cost: an analogy
YAN Yan-ming, DONG Suo-cheng
2003, 14(6): 774-780.
Abstract PDF
Velocity measuring system for sheet flow
XIA Wei-sheng, LEI Ting-wu, ZHAO Jun, ZHANG Qin-wen, GAO Pei-ling
2003, 14(6): 781-784.
Abstract PDF
Advance in the eutrophication models for lakes and reservoirs
HAN Fei, CHEN Yong-can, LIU Zhao-wei
2003, 14(6): 785-791.
Abstract PDF
Current situation and development trends in lake eutrophication models
LU Xiao-yan, XU Fu-liu, ZHAN Wei, ZHAO Zhen-yan, TAO Shu
2003, 14(6): 792-798.
Abstract PDF
Recognition of hydrologic cycle and water-silt relation in ancient China
WANG Wei-di
2003, 14(6): 799-802.
Abstract PDF
2003, 14(6): 802-802.
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