Study on the influence of polluted river on its offshore groundwater environment
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Abstract PDF
Study on effect of hydrodynamic characteristics on reaeration progress
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Abstract PDF
A study on the non-point source pollution model
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Abstract PDF
Effect of regulation project along north bank of Jianshan bend in Qiantang Estuary on environment
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Abstract PDF
Study on algalbloom in Hanjiang River
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Abstract PDF
Study on sediment transport in the lower Yellow River during flood period
XU Jiong-xin
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Abstract PDF
Modeling water security in China and comparison of the strategies
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Abstract PDF
A dynamics model for evaluating operation benefit of water economic system
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Abstract PDF
A optimal operation model for multiple reservoir power with time-varying electricity price
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Abstract PDF
Study on round turbulent jet in a cross flow with PIV
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Abstract PDF
Determination of the correlation window sizes in correlation analysis of DPIV
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Abstract PDF
Viscous-elastic-plastic constitutive model for sea ice dynamics in the Bohai Sea
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Abstract PDF
Interaction principle and general momentum equilibrium equation for fluid flow in multiphase media
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Abstract PDF
Distribution of soil macropores characterized by CT
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Abstract PDF
Preliminary study on utilizing groundwater storage
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Abstract PDF
Experimental study on the condensation water in arid area, Northwestern China
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Abstract PDF
Measurement in situ of streambed hydraulic conductivities in the Platte River, Nebraska
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2002, 13(5): 629-633.
Abstract PDF
Risk analysis of retaining rockfill cofferdam for diversion based on the Monte-Carlo method
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Abstract PDF
Experimental research on hydraulics characteristics of energy dissipation in vertical stilling well
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Abstract PDF
Review of effect of temperature on soil water movement
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Abstract PDF
Advances in non-point source pollution prediction model
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2002, 13(5): 649-656.
Abstract PDF