3-D boundary element method applied to non-linear wave transformation
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Abstract PDF
A high resolution Gauss scheme with staggered grid for shallow water equation
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2002, 13(4): 403-408.
Abstract PDF
A finite volume method for numerical modeling of 2-D flow and sediment movements on unstructured grids
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2002, 13(4): 409-415.
Abstract PDF
A necessary condition for suspended load enhancing turbulence
LI Dan-xun, WANG Xing-kui, YU Ming-zhong
2002, 13(4): 416-419.
Abstract PDF
Numerical study on the near-field behavior of plane negative buoyant jets under static environment
HUAI Wen-xin, YANG Zhong-hua
2002, 13(4): 420-426.
Abstract PDF
3-D numerical simulation for water environment in the region of Three-Gorge Project during construction period
HAN Long-xi
2002, 13(4): 427-432.
Abstract PDF
Flow features in circular ecology channel
LIU Ai-ming, LI Da-mei, ZAN Cai-hua
2002, 13(4): 433-438.
Abstract PDF
Study on WGIUH by means of geomorphologic and hydrodynamic dispersion
RUI Xiao-fang, SHI Peng
2002, 13(4): 439-444.
Abstract PDF
A macro-model for calculating benefit of flood control system in a basin
LONG Zi-quan
2002, 13(4): 445-449.
Abstract PDF
A economic benefits calculating model for the lower Yellow River flood control engineerings system
DING Da-fa, SHI Chun-xian, SONG Hong-xia, LI Zhan-song, YANG Zhen-li
2002, 13(4): 450-455.
Abstract PDF
A method for flood submerged area simulation based on GIS
GE Xiao-ping, XU You-peng, ZHANG Qi, ZHANG Li-feng
2002, 13(4): 456-460.
Abstract PDF
Application of GIS network analysis technology to river water pollution tracing
PENG Sheng-hua, ZHAO Jun-lin, WENG Li-da
2002, 13(4): 461-466.
Abstract PDF
Application of analytic hierarchy process based on genetic algorithm to water environment systems engineering
JIN Ju-liang, WEI Yi-ming, FU Qiang, DING Jing
2002, 13(4): 467-472.
Abstract PDF
Seasonal neural-network forecast model for regional groundwater level
XUE Lian-qing, CUI Guang-bai, CHENG Guang
2002, 13(4): 473-477.
Abstract PDF
Influence of irrigation methods on soil fertility during the sabbath period
YEH Yi-lung, SHUE Meei-fang, CHEN Ting-chien, HUANG Kuo-chen, Tsou I
2002, 13(4): 478-483.
Abstract PDF
Study on temporal and spatial variation of rice water production function
CUI Yuan-lai, MAO Zhi, LI Yuan-hua
2002, 13(4): 484-491.
Abstract PDF
Studies on the water resources issues for the development in the Northwest China
HE Hui
2002, 13(4): 492-495.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on water resources characters of endorheic drainage in Northwest China
GENG Lei-hua, HUANG Yong-ji, LI Jian-qiang, CHEN Xiao-yan
2002, 13(4): 496-501.
Abstract PDF
Connotation and evaluation index system for water conservancy modernization
FU Chun, YANG Zhi-feng, LIU Chang-ming
2002, 13(4): 502-506.
Abstract PDF
Research advance in ecological water demand and environmental water demand
WANG Xi-qin, LIU Chang-ming, YANG Zhi-feng
2002, 13(4): 507-514.
Abstract PDF
Application and prospect of wavelet analysis in hydrology
WANG Wen-sheng, DING Jing, XIANG Hong-lian
2002, 13(4): 515-520.
Abstract PDF
Advances in water saving irrigation evaluation
WANG Jing-lei, WU Jing-she, QI Xue-bin, YANG Bao-zhong, ZHAO Hui, FAN Xiang-yang
2002, 13(4): 521-525.
Abstract PDF
Advances in water saving
CHEN Xiao-yan, LU Gui-hua, QIN Fu-xing, LIU Ai-lan
2002, 13(4): 526-532.
Abstract PDF
2002, 13(4): 533-533.
Abstract PDF
2002, 13(4): 534-534.
Abstract PDF