Research and Applications of a Forecasting Model of Typhoon Surges in China Seas
Wang Xinian, Yin Qingjiang, Zhang Baoming
1991, 2(1): 1-10.
Abstract PDF
Three High-performance Difference Schemes for One- dimensional Unsteady Open Channel Flow Computations
Hu Siyi, Tan Weiyan
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Abstract PDF
Effects of Aspect Ratio and Sidewall Roughness on VeSocity Distribution and Resistance Coefficient in Rectangular Open Channels
Hui Yujia, Hu Ghunhong
1991, 2(1): 22-31.
Abstract PDF
Dynamic Interface between Fresh Water and Salt Water
Lu Xianbi
1991, 2(1): 32-41.
Abstract PDF
Some Factors of Impacts on Snowfall Over Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
Zou Jinshang, Cao Caizhu
1991, 2(1): 42-49.
Abstract PDF
Relationship Between Monthly 500hPa Height fields and Precipitation Fields Over China in Summer
1991, 2(1): 50-57.
Abstract PDF
A Review of Some Aspects about Flow Concentration Computations
Wen Kang, Li Qi
1991, 2(1): 58-65.
Abstract PDF
Water Quality Planning and Its Evolution
Du Yuguo, Ye Changming
1991, 2(1): 66-71.
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1991, 2(1): 72-72.
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