Spatial and temporal evolution characteristics of extreme rainfall in the Pearl River Delta under high urbanization
HUANG Guoru, CHEN Yisi, YAO Zhijun
2021, 32(2): 161-170. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.001
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Quantitative assessment of the attribution of runoff change caused by four factors in the Haihe River basin
BAO Zhenxin, ZHANG Jianyun, YAN Xiaolin, WANG Guoqing, HE Ruimin, GUAN Tiesheng, LIU Yanli
2021, 32(2): 171-181. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.002
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Satellite-based reconstruction and spatiotemporal variability analysis of actual evapotranspiration in the Jinshajiang River basin, China
ZHANG Ke, JU Yan, LI Zhijia
2021, 32(2): 182-191. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.003
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Response mechanism of ice floods to scour and silting evolution in the Inner Mongolian channel and reaches of the Upper Yellow River
ZHANG Jinliang, LU Jun
2021, 32(2): 192-200. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.004
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Distributed hydrological model of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau based on the hydrothermal coupling: Ⅱ: simulation of water cycle processes in the Niyang River basin considering glaciers and frozen soils
LIU Yangli, ZHOU Zuhao, LIU Jiajia, WANG Pengxiang, LI Yuqing, ZHU Yiming, JIANG Xintong, WANG Kang, WANG Fuqiang
2021, 32(2): 201-210. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.005
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Study on long duration comprehensive rainstorm formula based on rainstorm attenuation characteristics in Shanghai
JIA Weihong, XU Weizhong, LI Qiongfang, ZHOU Zhengmo
2021, 32(2): 211-217. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.006
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Variation characteristics and formula of movable bed roughness for the Lower Yellow River
XIA Junqiang, LIU Xin, ZHANG Xiaolei, ZHOU Meirong
2021, 32(2): 218-229. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.007
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Tidal flat evolution law and its mechanism on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay from 1959 to 2019
HU Chengfei, PAN Cunhong, WU Xiuguang, TANG Ziwen, ZHENG Jun
2021, 32(2): 230-241. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.008
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Determine the spatial extent of backwater effects from the evolution of the Yellow River Estuary based on the translation correlation analysis
WANG Dangwei, JI Zuwen, DENG Anjun
2021, 32(2): 242-249. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.009
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Interactions between bedforms and open channel flows through submerged vegetation
ZHAO Hanqing, TANG Hongwu, YAN Jing, DAI Huichao, LIU Zhiwu
2021, 32(2): 250-258. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.010
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Stage—discharge rating method considering backwater effect in river channel
SUN Zhaohua, ZHOU Xinyue, FAN Jiewei, XIONG Haibin, TAN Guangming
2021, 32(2): 259-270. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.011
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Runoff pattern and adjusting measure of the karst slope for tanks
JIANG Guanghui, GUO Fang
2021, 32(2): 271-278. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.012
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An experimental study of turbulent structures in combined fishway of overflow weir and vertical slot
DONG Zhiyong, YU Junpeng, HUANG Zhou
2021, 32(2): 279-285. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.013
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A CFD-DEM-IBM method for sedimentation of particles with high resolution
DI Yingtang, ZHAO Lanhao, MAO Jia
2021, 32(2): 286-294. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.014
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Understanding sediment connectivity from soil erosion perspective
ZHANG Guanghui
2021, 32(2): 295-308. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.015
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Advances in studies on the influence of aquatic vegetation on flow-sediment movement under unidirectional open-channel flow and wave conditions
ZHANG Yinghao, LAI Xijun, TANG Caihong
2021, 32(2): 309-319. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2021.02.016
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