A study of the characteristics of sedimentation in the Lower Yellow River during overbank floods
ZHANG Min, HUANG Heqing, ZHANG Xiaohua
2016, 27(2): 165-175. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.001
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Experimental of the influence of different near-bank riverbed compositions on bank failure
YU Minghui, CHEN Xi, WEI Hongyan, HU Chengwei, WU Songbai
2016, 27(2): 176-185. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.002
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Study on the sediment scouring rules by dynamic water effect in approach channel under the action of ship lock sluicing
XU Jinchao, LI Yun, XUAN Guoxiang, LIU Benqin, JIN Ying
2016, 27(2): 186-195. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.003
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Study on integrated allocation and dispatch model of water quality and quantity for the Yellow River
PENG Shaoming, ZHENG Xiaokang, WANG Yu, HE Liupeng, LIU Juan, WANG Weihao
2016, 27(2): 196-205. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.004
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Study of sediment transport by tsunami waves: Ⅴ:influence of mangrove
CHEN Jie, GUAN Zhe, JIANG Changbo
2016, 27(2): 206-213. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.005
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Research on the distributed “river-subsidence area-groundwater” coupling simulation of coal mining subsidence area: Ⅰ:theory and development
LI Hui, LU Chuiyu, SUN Qingyan, WANG Hao, YAN Lingjia, ZHANG Bo
2016, 27(2): 214-223. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.006
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Effects of soil shear strength and runoff erosivity on slopes with different vegetation cover
XIAO Peiqing, YAO Wenyi, WANG Guoqing, YANG Chunxia, SHEN Zhenzhou
2016, 27(2): 224-230. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.007
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Modified unsaturated water flow model selection method and application to field experiments
MAO Wei, ZHU Yan, SHI Liangsheng, LIU Zhao, DAI Heng, YANG Jinzhong
2016, 27(2): 231-239. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.008
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Comparison of laboratory methods for determining water retention curves in purple soil
WANG Honglan, TANG Xiangyu, XIAN Qingsong, LIU Chen, GUAN Zhuo
2016, 27(2): 240-248. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.009
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Advection and diffusion characteristics for uniform bed load particles from a semi-mechanistic model accounting for forces exerted on individual particles
FAN Niannian, NIE Ruihua, YANG Kejun, LIU Xingnian, CHEN Ridong
2016, 27(2): 249-255. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.010
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Experimental study on runoff and sediment yield from engineering deposition with gravel in the northern windy-sandy region, Shaanxi
KANG Hongliang, WANG Wenlong, XUE Zhide, GUO Mingming, LI Jianming, BAI Yun, DENG Liqiang, LI Yanfu
2016, 27(2): 256-265. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.011
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Comparative evaluation of secondary flow correction methods for consecutive bend flow simulation
ZHOU Gang, YAO Shiming, QIN Cuicui, JIA Peng
2016, 27(2): 266-279. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.012
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Field observations on water temperature and stratification in a seasonally ice-covered shallow thermokarst lake
HUANG Wenfeng, HAN Hongwei, NIU Fujun, LI Zhijun
2016, 27(2): 280-289. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.013
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Composite roughness of rectangular ice-covered rivers
CHEN Gang, ZHANG Yurong, ZHOU Mi, GU Shixiang
2016, 27(2): 290-298. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.014
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Influence of hydroelectric development on water temperature downstream the Pubugou hydropower station of the Dadu River
TUO Youcai, ZHOU Chenyang, LIANG Ruifeng, LI Kefeng
2016, 27(2): 299-306. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.015
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Advances in ecological environment impacts of water trading
LI Chunhui, SUN Lian, ZHANG Nan, WANG Xuan, CAI Yanpeng, XU Meng
2016, 27(2): 307-316. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.016
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Reconsidering ecologically-sound environmental operations at reservoirs
LUO Wenguang, YANG Guolu, SONG Yunhao, LU Jing
2016, 27(2): 317-326. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2016.02.017
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