Analysis of the dominant causes for runoff reduction in five major basins over China during 1960—2010
ZHANG Shulei, YANG Dawen, YANG Hanbo, LEI Huimin
2015, 26(5): 605-613. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.001
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Estimation of potential evapotranspiration and its variability in the upper and middle reaches of the Heihe River basin
ZHAO Jie, XU Zongxue, ZUO Depeng
2015, 26(5): 614-623. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.002
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Effects of DEM source and resolution on the HEC-HMS hydrological simulation
GAO Yufang, CHEN Yaodeng, JIANG Yifang, PENG Tao
2015, 26(5): 624-630. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.003
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Analyzing the influence of geomorphologic structure factors on runoff characteristics of catchments
LIU Jintao, WANG Aihua, WEI Yu, CHENG Bingfeng, HAN Xiaole
2015, 26(5): 631-638. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.004
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Characteristics of fractionation of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in evaporating water in the typical region of the North China Plain
MA Bin, LIANG Xing, JIN Menggui, LI Jing, NIU Hong
2015, 26(5): 639-648. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.005
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State-space prediction of soil water content on a hillslope in the gully region of the Loess Plateau, China
DUAN Liangxia, HUANG Mingbin, ZHANG Luodan, SUO Lizhu, ZHANG Yongkun
2015, 26(5): 649-659. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.006
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Movement characteristics and transport laws of the bimodal bed load
SUN Dongpo, LIU Mingxiao, WANG Pengtao, LI Guodong, ZHAO Yafei, DONG Mingjia
2015, 26(5): 660-667. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.007
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Experimental study on overflow breaching of embankments constructed with silty clay
WEI Hongyan, YU Minghui, LI Yitian, WU Songbai
2015, 26(5): 668-675. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.008
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Sedimentation characteristics in the Three Gorges Reservoir during the initial operation stage
LI Wenjie, YANG Shengfa, FU Xuhui, XIAO Yi
2015, 26(5): 676-685. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.009
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Modelling of hyperconcentrated floods in the lower Yellow River using a coupled approach
XIA Junqiang, ZHANG Xiaolei, DENG Shanshan, LI Jie
2015, 26(5): 686-697. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.010
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Imaging-based measurement of pickup probability for sediment entrainment
MIAO Wei, CHEN Qigang, LI Danxun, ZHONG Qiang
2015, 26(5): 698-706. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.011
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Studying on dividing and connecting of the hydrology standard between river and sea navigation engineering
ZHANG Xingnong, CHEN Changying, LIU Hui
2015, 26(5): 707-713. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.012
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Hydrodynamic dispersion and hyporheic exchange in a small urban stream
YU Jing, ZHANG Hua
2015, 26(5): 714-721. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.013
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Study on the migration of dense non-aqueous phase liquids in heterogeneous fractured media
DENG Yaping, ZHANG Ye, SHI Xiaoqing, WU Jichun
2015, 26(5): 722-730. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.014
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Research on data-assimilation combined with roughness correction for dynamic river system
CHEN Yifan, CHENG Haiyang, WAN Xiaoli, FANG Huajian
2015, 26(5): 731-738. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.015
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Advances in applied ecological models for estuarine management
SHEN Xia, B. Larry LI
2015, 26(5): 739-751. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.016
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Understanding on research hotspot of hydraulic structure engineering professional in National Natural Science Foundation
LI Yanlong
2015, 26(5): 752-758. DOI: 10.14042/j.cnki.32.1309.2015.05.017
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