Regional “four-water” transformation based on distributed hydrological model
ZHANG Jun-e, LU Chui-yu, QIN Da-yong, LIU Miao
2011, 22(5): 595-604.
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Prediction of extreme floods in Huaihe River basin under climate change
HAO Zhen-chun, JU Qin, WANG Lu, WANG Hui-min, JIANG Wei-juan
2011, 22(5): 605-614.
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Influence of spatial resolution in a regional climate model on summer precipitation simulation
LIU Xiang-pei, WANG Han-jie, LIU Jin-bo
2011, 22(5): 615-623.
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Hydrological processes in different landscapes on Mafengou River basin
YANG Yong-gang, XIAO Hong-lang, ZHAO Liang-ju, ZOU Song-bing, YIN Zhen-liang
2011, 22(5): 624-630.
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River sinuosity in tidal plain and its response to rapid urbanization
ZHAO Jun, SHAN Fu-zheng, YANG Kai, WU E-nuo
2011, 22(5): 631-637.
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Statistical analysis of the geometrical form of natural rivers meanders
LI Zhi-wei, QIN Xiao-hua, FANG Chun-ming
2011, 22(5): 638-644.
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Mechanism of outer delta evolution of the Laolonggou tidal inlet in Caofeidian sea area on China’s Bohai Bay
JI Rong-yao, LU Yong-jun, ZUO Li-qin
2011, 22(5): 645-652.
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Analysis of riverbed form adjustment based on energy dissipation in the Inner Mongolia Reach of Yellow River
SUN Dong-po, YANG Zhen-zhen, ZHANG Li, LI Bin
2011, 22(5): 653-661.
Abstract PDF
Bivariate fractal interpolation for estimating rough channel bedform
ZHONG Liang, XU Guang-xiang
2011, 22(5): 662-667.
Abstract PDF
3D numerical simulation of round horizontal thermal jets in flow
ZHANG Jian, YANG Li, ZHANG Shi-cheng, LÜ Shi-gui
2011, 22(5): 668-673.
Abstract PDF
Centrifugal model test and numerical simulation of the breaching process of clay core dams due to overtopping
CHEN Sheng-shui, ZHONG Qi-ming, CAO Wei
2011, 22(5): 674-679.
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Mechanism of runoff generation on the sloped land of purple soil with different thicknesses in the Three Gorges Region
FU Zhi-yong, LI Zhao-xia, CAI Chong-fa, GUO Zhong-lu
2011, 22(5): 680-688.
Abstract PDF
Water-salt interactions factors and vegetation effects in the groundwater ecosystem in Yellow River Delta
AN Le-sheng, ZHAO Quan-sheng, YE Si-yuan, LIU Guan-qun, DING Xi-gui
2011, 22(5): 689-695.
Abstract PDF
New calculation method for water-saving potential in agriculture based on water balance principle
LIU Lu-guang, CUI Yuan-lai, WANG Jian-peng
2011, 22(5): 696-702.
Abstract PDF
Dynamic simulation of nitrogen losses in surface runoff from farmlands using the DRAINMOD model
HONG Lin, LUO Wen-bing
2011, 22(5): 703-709.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of black bloom in Moon Bay of Lake Taihu and physical and chemical responses of water and sediment
SHEN Qiu-shi, SHAO Shi-guang, WANG Zhao-de, FAN Cheng-xin
2011, 22(5): 710-719.
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Experimental study on the simulation of freezing processes in calm waters and thermal changes on reservoir ice cover
TENG Hui, DENG Yun, HUANG Feng-bin, TUO You-cai
2011, 22(5): 720-726.
Abstract PDF
Application prospects of multi-model approach for modeling non-point source pollution
WANG Hui-liang, LI Xu-yong, XIE Ying
2011, 22(5): 727-732.
Abstract PDF
Temperature as a groundwater tracer:Advances in theory and methodology
WU Zhi-wei, SONG Han-zhou
2011, 22(5): 733-740.
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