Experimental study of the effect of biofilm formation on sediment incipient motion: I.Design and analysis
SHANG Qian-qian, FANG Hong-wei, FU Ren-shou, HE Guo-jian
2011, 22(3): 295-300.
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Experimental study of the effect of biofilm formation on sediment incipient motion: Ⅱ.Incipient velocity calculation
FANG Hong-wei, SHANG Qian-qian, FU Ren-shou, HE Guo-jian
2011, 22(3): 301-306.
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The sensitivity of runoff to climate change in different climatic regions in China
WANG Guo-qing, ZHANG Jian-yun, LIU Jiu-fu, JIN Jun-liang, LIU Cui-shan
2011, 22(3): 307-314.
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Spatial distribution of precipitation in Tianshan Mountains and its estimation
ZHAO Chuan-cheng, DING Yong-jian, YE Bai-sheng, ZHAO Qiu-dong
2011, 22(3): 315-322.
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Flood coincidence probability analysis for the upstream Yangtze River and its tributaries
CHEN Lu, GUO Sheng-lian, ZHANG Hong-gang, YAN Bao-wei, LIU Xin-yuan
2011, 22(3): 323-330.
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Distinguishing of water resources supply and demand system evolution features
LIU Bing-jun, CHEN Xiao-hong, LEI Hong-cheng, CHEN Wen-jing
2011, 22(3): 331-336.
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An automated watershed delineations approach for plain river network regions: A case study in Shanghai
ZUO Jun-jie, CAI Yong-li
2011, 22(3): 337-343.
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Recent changes of glacier runoff in the Hexi Inland river basin
GAO Xin, ZHANG Shi-qiang, YE Bai-sheng, GAO Hong-kai
2011, 22(3): 344-350.
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Experimental study of evapotranspiration from Phragmites Australis wetland in Liaohe Estuary
ZHANG Ying, ZHENG Xi-lai, WU Cheng-cheng, ZHANG Shu-hui
2011, 22(3): 351-358.
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Spatial variation and effects of soil moisture and salt content of populus euphratica Oliv in the middle and lower reaches of the Shule River
LIU Pu-xing, YAO Xiao-jun, ZHANG Ke-xin, HUO Hua-li
2011, 22(3): 359-366.
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Mechanism of morphological evolution in incised river and its relationship to streambed structures
LIU Huai-xiang, WANG Zhao-yin, LU Yong-jun, YU Guo-an
2011, 22(3): 367-372.
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Unstructured finite volume model for numerical simulation of dam-break flow
SONG Li-xiang, ZHOU Jian-zhong, WANG Guang-qian, WANG Yu-chun, LIAO Li, XIE Tian
2011, 22(3): 373-381.
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Numerical analysis of surf and swash zone hydrodynamics under the influence of submerged breakwater
CHEN Jie, JIANG Chang-bo, LIU Hu-ying, LIU Sheng-yu
2011, 22(3): 382-390.
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3D numerical modeling of nearshore wave-induced currents
XIE Ming-xiao, ZHANG Wei
2011, 22(3): 391-399.
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Study of bottom friction coefficient in tidal bore affected estuaries using the adjoin method of data assimilation
CHEN Yao-deng, MIN Jin-zhong, GAO Yu-fang
2011, 22(3): 400-406.
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2D shallow-water simulation for urbanized areas
ZHOU Hao-lan, CHEN Yang-bo
2011, 22(3): 407-412.
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Numerical study on dissolved matter transport in Falls Lake Reservoir
LI Jie, LIN Jing, WU Zeng-mao
2011, 22(3): 413-420.
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Water temperature dynamics of Longyangxia Reservoir and its influence on downstream water temperature
SONG Ce, ZHOU Xiao-de, XIN Xiang-wen
2011, 22(3): 421-428.
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Review of the impacts of climate change on wetland ecohydrology
DONG Li-qin, ZHANG Guang-xin
2011, 22(3): 429-436.
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Advances in risk analysis of groundwater system
DU Chao-yang, ZHONG Hua-ping
2011, 22(3): 437-444.
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2011, 22(3): 445-446.
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