Review and reflection on China’s hydrological forecasting techniques
ZHANG Jian-yun
2010, 21(4): 435-443.
Abstract PDF
Review of research of hydro-geomorphological processes interaction
RUI Xiao-fang, JIANG cheng-yu
2010, 21(4): 444-449.
Abstract PDF
Progress in hydrological sciences:Past, present and future
XU Zong-xue, LI Jing-yu
2010, 21(4): 450-459.
Abstract PDF
China gauging station network
HE Hui
2010, 21(4): 460-465.
Abstract PDF
Similarities and differences of hydrologic frequency distribution models and their parameter estimation problems
JIN Guang-yan
2010, 21(4): 466-470.
Abstract PDF
Rainfall-runoff paradox from a natural experimental catchment
GU Wei-zu, SHANG Man-ting, ZHAI Shao-yi, LU Jia-ju, Frentress Jason, Jeffrey McDonnell, Carol Kendall
2010, 21(4): 471-478.
Abstract PDF
Subject system of modern hydrology and water resources and research frontiers and hot issues
WANG Hao, YAN Deng-hua, JIA Yang-wen, HU Dong-lai, WANG Ling-he
2010, 21(4): 479-489.
Abstract PDF
Strategic thinking on major issues in China flood control
LI Yuan-yuan, LI Jian-qiang, SHI Hai-feng, SHEN Fu-xin, WEN Kang, LI Qi, LI Die-juan, LI Fu-sui, WEN Lei
2010, 21(4): 490-495.
Abstract PDF
State-of-the-art review of joint operation for multi-reservoir systems
GUO Sheng-lian, CHEN Jiong-hong, LIU Pan, LI Yu
2010, 21(4): 496-503.
Abstract PDF
Uncertainty analysis in the application of climate models
ZHANG Shi-fa, GU Ying, LIN Jin
2010, 21(4): 504-511.
Abstract PDF
On the vertical distribution of sediment concentration in non-equilibrium transportation
HAN Qi-wei, CHEN Xu-jian, XUE Xiao-chun
2010, 21(4): 512-523.
Abstract PDF
Variation tendency of runoff and sediment load in China major rivers and its causes
HU Chun-hong, WANG Yan-gui, ZHANG Yan-jing, SHI Hong-ling
2010, 21(4): 524-532.
Abstract PDF
Discussion on the mechanism of river meandering
YAO Wen-yi, ZHENG Yan-shuang, ZHANG Min
2010, 21(4): 533-540.
Abstract PDF
Practice and cognition for emergency disposal of landslide lake
LIU Ning
2010, 21(4): 541-549.
Abstract PDF
2010, 21(4): 549-549.
Abstract PDF
Holistic conceptual model for the structure and function of river ecosystems
DONG Zhe-ren, SUN Dong-ya, ZHAO Jin-yong, ZHANG Jing
2010, 21(4): 550-559.
Abstract PDF
A key ecological indicator system for water project planning and design
ZHU Dang-sheng, ZHANG Jian-yong, LIAO Wen-gen, SHI Xiao-xin, CHENG Hong-guang, LI Yang
2010, 21(4): 560-566.
Abstract PDF
Model for defining environmental flow thresholds of spring flood period using abrupt habitat change analysis
YANG Zhi-feng, YU Shi-wei, CHEN He, SHE Dun-xian
2010, 21(4): 567-574.
Abstract PDF
Trends in China’s agricultural water use during recent decade using the green and blue water approach
LI Bao-guo, HUANG Feng
2010, 21(4): 575-583.
Abstract PDF