Development and application of dualistic water cycle model in Haihe River Basin: Ⅰ.Model development and validation
JIA Yang-wen, WANG Hao, ZHOU Zu-hao, YOU Jin-jun, GAN Zhi-guo, QIU Ya-qin, LU Chui-yu, LUO Xiang-yu
2010, 21(1): 1-8.
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Development and application of dualistic water cycle model in Haihe River Basin: Ⅱ.Strategic research and application for water resources management
JIA Yang-wen, WANG Hao, GAN Hong, YOU Jin-jun, QIU Ya-qin, GAN Zhi-guo, ZHOU Zu-hao, YANG Gui-yu
2010, 21(1): 9-15.
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Experimental study on the precipitation-soil water-groundwater transformation in loess hilly region
XU Xue-xuan, ZHANG Bei-ying, TIAN Jun-liang
2010, 21(1): 16-22.
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Effects of antecedent soil moisture on hillslope runoff-generation and soil erosion over red soil-mantled landscapes
ZHANG Xiang-yan, SHI Xue-zheng, YU Dong-sheng, WANG Hong-jie, LIU Zhen-bo, ZHANG Wen-tai
2010, 21(1): 23-29.
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Heat and water transfer processes on alpine meadow frozen grounds of Heihe mountainous in Northwest China
YANG Yong, CHEN Ren-sheng, JI Xi-bin, QING Wen-wu, LIU Jun-feng, HAN Chun-tan
2010, 21(1): 30-35.
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Similarity-based prediction of sediment concentrations for reservoir dam-sites in sediment-laden rivers
WAN Xin-yu, BAO Wei-min, WANG Guang-qian
2010, 21(1): 36-42.
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3D numerical simulation of fluvial processes in the Shishou bend during the early filling of the Three Gorges Reservoir
JIA Dong-dong, SHAO Xue-jun, WANG Hong, XIAO Yi, ZHOU Gang
2010, 21(1): 43-49.
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Estimation of vertical hydraulic conductivity based on single-ring permeameter falling head infiltration experiment
CHENG Qin-bo, CHEN Xi, LING Min-hua, WEI Ling-na
2010, 21(1): 50-55.
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Observational analysis of rime condensation on plants over the Gurbantunggut Dsert in China
ZHOU Hong-fei, ZHOU Bao-jia, DAI Qiong
2010, 21(1): 56-62.
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Least squares support vector machines model for predicting reference evapotranspiration based on weather forecasts
ZHANG Zhan-yu, WANG Sheng-feng, DUAN Ai-wang, WANG bin
2010, 21(1): 63-68.
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Changing water and sediment dynamics in the Pearl River network and consequences on water and sediment regimes in the Lingdingyang estuary
HU De-li, YANG Qing-shu, WU Chao-yu, BAO Yun, REN Jie
2010, 21(1): 69-76.
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Interannual tidal range trend in Pearl River Delta
ZHANG Wei, YAN Yi-xin, ZHENG Jin-hai, WU Hong-xu
2010, 21(1): 77-83.
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Mechanism study of retrogressive erosion in the lower reach of Dongjiang River
REN Jie, ZENG Xue-zhi, JIA Liang-wen
2010, 21(1): 84-88.
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Comparative study on the modeling of tidal current velocity profile in near-bottom boundary layers
NI Zhi-hui, SONG Zhi-yao
2010, 21(1): 89-94.
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An anisotropic buoyant turbulence model and its validation
LU Jun-qing, ZHANG Xiao-feng, CUI Zhan-feng
2010, 21(1): 95-100.
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2010, 21(1): 100-100.
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Generalized expression of potential function in catastrophe model and its application in eutrophication evaluation
LI Zuo-yong, GUO Chun, WANG Jia-yang, LI Yan
2010, 21(1): 101-106.
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Phosphorus forms in suspended particulate matter of the Yangtze River
WEI Jun-feng, CHEN Hong-tao, LIU Peng-xia, LI Rong-hua, YU Zhi-gang
2010, 21(1): 107-112.
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Spatiotemporal variations of euphotic depth and its causing factors in Xiaojiang River backwater area of Three Gorges
FANG Fang, ZHOU Hong, LI Zhe, LONG Man, GUO Jin-song, SHENG Jin-ping
2010, 21(1): 113-119.
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Effect of environmental changes on nitrogen release from sediments in polluted urban river
XING Ya-nan, RUAN Xiao-hong, ZHAO Zhen-hua
2010, 21(1): 120-126.
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Progress in geochemistry of regional groundwater evolution
TENG Yan-guo, ZUO Rui, WANG Jin-sheng, LIN Xue-yu
2010, 21(1): 127-136.
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Review of urban storm water simulation techniques
HU Wei-xian, HE Wen-hua, HUANG Guo-ru, FENG Jie
2010, 21(1): 137-144.
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