3D mathematical modeling for fluvial processes considering bank erosion
JIA Dong-dong, SHAO Xue-jun, WANG Hong, ZHOU Gang
2009, 20(3): 311-317.
Abstract PDF
Changes of sediment deposition and erosion at Chongqing reach in backwater area of Three Gorges Project after reservoir adjusting of the upstream in the Yangtze River
LU Yong-jun, ZUO Li-qin, JI Rong-yao, MAO Ji-xin
2009, 20(3): 318-324.
Abstract PDF
Effects of runoff and sediment variation on landscape pattern in the Yellow River Delta of China
LI Sheng-Nan, WANG Gen-Xu, DENG Wei, HU Yuan-Man
2009, 20(3): 325-331.
Abstract PDF
Daily flow modeling in arid ungauged basin
HUANG Yue, CHEN Xi, BAO An-ming, LIU Tie, FENG Xian-wei
2009, 20(3): 332-336.
Abstract PDF
Genetic entropy spectral estimation method and its application to annual runoff periodic identification
ZHANG Ming, ZHANG Jian-yun, JIN Ju-liang
2009, 20(3): 337-342.
Abstract PDF
Regional climate effects of large-scale agricultural irrigation related to South-to-North Water Transfer Project in China
LI Jian-Yun, WANG Han-Jie
2009, 20(3): 343-349.
Abstract PDF
Impact of irrigating farmland increase production with water save on groundwater exploitation in the plain of Hutuo River basin
ZHANG Guang-hui, FEI Yu-hong, YAN Ming-jiang, LIU Zhong-pei, WANG Jin-zhe
2009, 20(3): 350-355.
Abstract PDF
Modeling influence of reduced irrigation water on water balance using SWAP
JIANG Yan, WANG Xiu-gui, LIU Chang-ming, WU Xia-ning
2009, 20(3): 356-360.
Abstract PDF
Nonlinear Schrdinger equation for deep-water wave and its exact solutions
ZHANG Yi-feng, LI Rui-jie, LUO Feng, JIANG Sen-hui
2009, 20(3): 361-365.
Abstract PDF
3D numerical model for pollutant in sediment-laden flow around groyne
CHEN Li-ping, JIANG Jun-cheng, HAN Dong-mei
2009, 20(3): 366-372.
Abstract PDF
Influence of water ject aeration on pressure in scour pool and plunge pool
DENG Jun, XU Wei-lin, LIU Shan-jun, WANG Wei
2009, 20(3): 373-378.
Abstract PDF
Modelling of tide induced pore water flow and solute transport in a salt marsh
XIN Pei, JIN Guang-qiu, LI Ling
2009, 20(3): 379-384.
Abstract PDF
Multifractal arithmethic for watershed topographic feature
SHEN Zhong-yuan, LI Zhan-bin, LI Peng, LU Ke-xin
2009, 20(3): 385-391.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the heterogeneous soil water flow based on the multifractal theory
ZHU Lei, ZHOU Qing, WANG Kang, YANG Jin-zhong
2009, 20(3): 392-397.
Abstract PDF
Mathematical model for groundwater system based on the variable hydro-geological parameters
LIU Yu-zhen, WANG Ben-de, JIANG Ying-zhen
2009, 20(3): 398-402.
Abstract PDF
Bias correction for precipitation mesuament in Tanggula Mountain Tibetan Plateau
HE Xiao-bo, YE Bai-sheng, DING Yong-jian
2009, 20(3): 403-408.
Abstract PDF
Potential evapotranspiration evolution rule and its sensitivity analysis in Haihe River basin
YANG Gui-yu, WANG Zhi-sheng, WANG Hao, JIA Yang-wen
2009, 20(3): 409-415.
Abstract PDF
Runoff variation and its impacting factor in Nenjiang River during 1956-2006
XU Dong-xia, ZHANG Guang-xin, YIN Xiong-rui
2009, 20(3): 416-421.
Abstract PDF
Propagation effect of precipitation uncertainty on rainfall-runoff modeling based on fuzzy set theory
XU Jing, REN Li-liang, LIU Xiao-fan, Vijay. P. Singh, LIU Wei, YUAN Fei
2009, 20(3): 422-427.
Abstract PDF
Calculating river ice thickness from Harbin to Tongjiang using short-term hydrological and meteorological data
LI Zhi-jun, SUN Wan-guang, XU Shi-guo, LI Qing-shan, BAI Yan, WANG Xin
2009, 20(3): 428-433.
Abstract PDF
Mechanism of longitudinal-crack formation during river-ice breakup
MAO Ze-yu, ZHAO Xue-feng, WANG Ai-min, ZHANG Lei
2009, 20(3): 434-437.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on the causes of forming black water cluster in Taihu Lake
LU Gui-hua, MA Qian
2009, 20(3): 438-442.
Abstract PDF
Optimal allocation model for the water deliveries to the lower reaches of Tarim River
TANG De-shan, LU Hai-shu
2009, 20(3): 443-447.
Abstract PDF
Progress in glacier lake outburst assessment system
TIE Yong-bo, TANG Chuan
2009, 20(3): 448-452.
Abstract PDF
Review of risk analysis of hydraulic engineering system
LI Ai-hua, LIU Heng, GENG Lei-hua, ZHONG Hua-ping, JIANG Bei-lei
2009, 20(3): 453-459.
Abstract PDF