Regionality and persistence of extreme precipitation events in China
MIN Shen, QIAN Yong-fu
2008, 19(6): 765-771.
Abstract PDF
An integrated assessment of climate change impacts on China’s water resources
REN Guo-yu, JIANG Tong, LI Wei-jing, ZHAI Pan-mao, LUO Yong, MA Zhu-guo
2008, 19(6): 772-779.
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Experimental study on the fractionation mechanism of hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopes in evaporation from water surface of evaporation pans
BAO Wei-min, HU Hai-ying, WANG Tao, QU Si-min
2008, 19(6): 780-785.
Abstract PDF
Changes of pan evaporations and its impact factors over northern Tibet in 1971-2006
DU Jun, BIAN Duo, BAO Jian-hua, LA Ba, LU Hong-ya
2008, 19(6): 786-791.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the precipitation stability and variety trend in the desert region of northern China
XU Li-gang, ZHOU Hong-fei, LI Yan, LI Hui, TANG Ying
2008, 19(6): 792-799.
Abstract PDF
Hierarchical comparison of alternatives in water transfer project
LIU Jian-chang, WANG Li-min, ZHANG Wei, MU Cong-ru, FAN Xiu-ying
2008, 19(6): 800-806.
Abstract PDF
Full implicit numerical method for two-dimensional shallow flows in orbicular river cell
XIANG Xiao-hua, SU Chang-cheng, WU Xiao-ling, WANG Chuan-hai
2008, 19(6): 807-813.
Abstract PDF
Relationship between abutment dimension and the downstream recirculation length
JIA Dong-dong, WANG Bo, ZHOU Gang, SHAO Xue-jun
2008, 19(6): 814-820.
Abstract PDF
Study on the precision of second order algorithm for smoothed particle hydrodynamics
ZHENG Xing, DUAN Wen-yang
2008, 19(6): 821-827.
Abstract PDF
Effect of bed discordance on helix flow at Y shaped junction
WANG Xiao-gang, YAN Zhong-min, ZHANG Xing-nong
2008, 19(6): 828-834.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the saltwater intrusion in the Changjiang estuary during the flood season in extreme drought year
DAI Zhi-jun, LI Wei-hua, LI Jiu-fa, CHEN Ji-yu
2008, 19(6): 835-840.
Abstract PDF
Application of SPH to numerical simulation of discharge through crest orifice on dam
LI Da-ming, LIU Jiang-chuan, XU Ya-nan
2008, 19(6): 841-845.
Abstract PDF
Parallel computation for 2D flow model
ZUO Yi-ming, CUI Guang-bai
2008, 19(6): 846-850.
Abstract PDF
3D turbulence model for the flow and sediment transport with aquatic vegetation
LIU Cheng, SHEN Yong-ming
2008, 19(6): 851-856.
Abstract PDF
Influence of sediment concentration on deposition of silt and runoff hydraulics on grassland
PAN Cheng-zhong, MA Lan, SHANGGUAN Zhou-ping
2008, 19(6): 857-862.
Abstract PDF
Experiment study on static yeild stress with hypoconcentration muddy water
QIN Yi, CAO Ru-xuan, ZHENG Xue-ping, CHEN Jie
2008, 19(6): 863-867.
Abstract PDF
Relationship between sediment transport with surface rainfall and runoff energies on sloping
LI Guang-lu, WU Fa-qi, PANG Xiao-ming, ZHAO Xiao-feng
2008, 19(6): 868-874.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of fully nonlinear focused wave groups
NING De-zhi, TENG Bin, TAN Li, ZHOU Bin-zhen
2008, 19(6): 875-881.
Abstract PDF
Characteristics of ice regime in the lower Yellow River
DONG Xue-na, LI Xue-mei, LIN Yin-ping, YAO Hui-ming
2008, 19(6): 882-887.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of benefit of water diversion from Yangtze River to Taihu lake:Case study in Huzhou city
WU Hao-yun, DIAO Xun-di, ZENG Sai-xing
2008, 19(6): 888-892.
Abstract PDF
Progress in study of glacier hydrological model
QING Wen-wu, CHEN Ren-sheng, LIU Shi-yin
2008, 19(6): 893-902.
Abstract PDF
Development in embankment dam break simulation and water flow simulation
CHEN Sheng-shui, ZHONG Qi-ming, TAO Jian-ji
2008, 19(6): 903-910.
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