Effect of development of Caofeidian harbor area in Bohai bay on hydrodynamic sediment environment
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Abstract PDF
Experimental study on characteristics of flow field over asymmetric rippled bed under nonlinear shallow water wave
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Abstract PDF
Experimental study on surface charge properties of sediment particles and their effect on dry-bulk density
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Abstract PDF
Calculation and verification of crop evapotranspiration in greenhouse
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Abstract PDF
Derivation of optimal operating rules for cascade reservoirs
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Abstract PDF
Transition of long-stalk vegetation resistance coefficient between unsubmerged condition and submerged condition
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Abstract PDF
Inversing open boundary conditions of tidal bore estuary using adjoint data assimilation method
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Abstract PDF
Characteristics and mechanismes of water environmental changes in the lakes along the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River
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Abstract PDF
Model investigation of vertical vortex at horizontal intake
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Abstract PDF
Computational fluid dynamic model for density currents in activated sludge secondary clarifier
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Abstract PDF
Variation characteristics of throughfall in citrus orchard
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Abstract PDF
On fractal description of ponds distribution in irrigation system
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Abstract PDF
Variation of δ18O in water in Heihe river basin
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Abstract PDF
Water quality mathematical model for looping river network based on uncertain information
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Abstract PDF
Assessment of water resource carrying capacity of Jiangsu province
HUANG Li-xin
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Abstract PDF
Floe size distribution characteristics in the summer marginal ice zone of Prydz bay, Antarctica
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Abstract PDF
Ice regime characteristics in the Ningxia-Inner Mongolia reach of Yellow River
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Abstract PDF
Workflow-based integration management of flood control task
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Abstract PDF
Advances in study of physical model distortion ratio
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Abstract PDF
Recent advances in pore-scale network modeling in vadose zone hydrology
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Abstract PDF
Discussion on sustainable utilization of water resources based on the theory of ecological economics
CHEN Kang-ning, DONG Zeng-chuan
2007, 18(6): 923-929.
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