Percentage of flow discharge and its application in non-equilibrium transportation of nonuniform suspended-load
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Experimental study of the velocity of subaqueous non-hydroplaning debris flows
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Impact of human activities on the stream flow of Yellow River
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Changes of dominant periods of flood disaster in China during 1644-2004
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Characterizing heterogeneity of water flow and solute transport in the porous media using dye tracer
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Simulated study on concentration change of different form phosphorus in shallow lakes caused by wind-wave disturbance
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Abstract PDF
Spatial and temporal distribution of particulate and dissolved organic carbon in Yellow River estuary
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Numerical modeling of the soil-water dynamics in water-wind erosion crisscross region on the loess plateau
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Parameters and characteristics of groundwater alkalization at alkalizational grassland areas in Daan city
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Cellular model for the form and development of drainage system
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Computation and analysis of the cross-section mean vorticity in Chinese sturgeon spawning area
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Turbulence intensity maximum and its influence factors in submerged river flow with plant
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Measurement and simulation of 3-D flow field in the pier scouring pool
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3-D flow and matter transport model for improved σ-coordinate system
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Analysis of the changes and formation causes of tidal bore at the north bayou of the Yangtze River estuary in recent years
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Abstract PDF
Evaluation on generalized water environment carrying capacity based on SPA
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Abstract PDF
Comprehensive assessment of water environment for urban stream
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Calculation methods for appropriate ecological flow
CHEN Min-jian, FENG Hua-li, WANG Li-qun, CHEN Qing-yong
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Abstract PDF
Saltwater intrusion analysis and experiential model for Pearl River estuary,south China:A case study in Modaomen watercourse
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Abstract PDF
Soil moisture retrieval using airborne radar and radiometer in the region with vegetation cover
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Correction of skyglint above water surface based on polarized principle
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Advances in stochastic simulation of Hydrology
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Some comments on nonlinear effect in catchment hydrology
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Advances in research on flows with vegetation in river management
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Abstract PDF