Experimental study of relationship between capillary pressure and saturation in two-phase system in porous media
ZHI Yin-fang, CHEN Jia-jun, YANG Zhou-xi, ZHENG Bing, YANG Guan-guang
2007, 18(2): 151-157.
Abstract PDF
Characterizing scale-dependent heterogeneity of soil water movement through dying infiltration experiments
WANG Kang, ZHANG Ren-duo, WANG Fu-qing, YASUDA Hiroshi
2007, 18(2): 158-163.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study of non-reactive anion transport in the soil-stone mixture
WANG Hui-fang, SHAO Ming-an
2007, 18(2): 164-169.
Abstract PDF
Analytic expression for partially-filled flow velocity in pipe of circular section
MAO Ze-yu, ZHAO Xuan, LUO Sheng
2007, 18(2): 170-174.
Abstract PDF
Wetland pattern change and affecting factors in the burned area of northern Great Hing′an mountains
XIE Fu-ju, XIAO Du-ning, LI Xiu-zhen, HU Yuan-man, WANG Xu-gao
2007, 18(2): 175-181.
Abstract PDF
Dynamics of nitrogen in the atmospheric wet deposition and its ecological effects in typical wetland ecosystem of Sanjiang plain
SUN Zhi-gao, LIU Jing-shuang, WANG Jin-da
2007, 18(2): 182-192.
Abstract PDF
Some parameters on Arctic sea ice dynamics from the expedition in summer of 2003
LI Zhi-jun, ZHANG Zhan-hai, LU Peng, DONG Xi-lu, CHENG Bin, CHEN Zhi
2007, 18(2): 193-197.
Abstract PDF
Backwater at bridge constrictions of broad-shallow and shifting channels in Xinjiang
HU Jiang, YAN Yi-xin, YANG Sheng-fa, ZHOU Hua-jun
2007, 18(2): 198-203.
Abstract PDF
Well-balanced Godunov-type scheme for 2D shallow water flow with triangle mesh
PAN Cun-hong
2007, 18(2): 204-209.
Abstract PDF
Length of hydraulic jump in gradually broadened channel
WU Yu-feng, WU Chao, LIU Xiao-bing
2007, 18(2): 210-215.
Abstract PDF
Water environmental function zoning at watershed scale and its key problems
ZHOU Feng, LIU Yong, HUANG Kai, GUO Huai-cheng, YANG Ping-jian
2007, 18(2): 216-222.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of bed load graing in alluvial rivers with sand bed
ZHONG De-yu, WANG Guang-qian, DING Yun
2007, 18(2): 223-229.
Abstract PDF
Study on runoff trends of the six larger basins in China over the past 50 years
ZHANG Jian-yun, ZHANG Si-long, WANG Jin-xing, LI Yan
2007, 18(2): 230-234.
Abstract PDF
Effect of sub-watershed partitioning on flow,sediment and nutrient predictions:Case study in Fengle river watershed
HU Lian-wu, WANG Xue-jun, LUO Ding-gui, JIANG Ying
2007, 18(2): 235-240.
Abstract PDF
Allocation model for water right
WANG Xue-feng, ZHAO Jian-shi, WANG Zhong-jing, WENG Wen-bin, LI Hai-hong
2007, 18(2): 241-245.
Abstract PDF
Empirical models for reference evapotranspiration estimation in Zhalong wetland
WANG Hao, XU Shi-guo, SUN Le-shi
2007, 18(2): 246-251.
Abstract PDF
Construction of evaluation index system for river’s healthy life
GAO Yong-sheng, WANG Hao, WANG Fang
2007, 18(2): 252-257.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulating of the heat island in Beijing
LIN Bing-huai, YANG Da-wen
2007, 18(2): 258-263.
Abstract PDF
MODIS-based reversion of atmospheric water vapor content over Jinta Oasis
MENG Xian-hong, LÜ Shi-hua, ZHANG Yu, ZHANG Tang-tang
2007, 18(2): 264-269.
Abstract PDF
Spectral mixing model and its stability of chlorophyll-a concentration extraction based on hyperspectral data
WEN Jian-guang, XIAO Qing, YANG Yi-peng, LIU Qin-huo, LI Xiao-wen
2007, 18(2): 270-276.
Abstract PDF
Artificial immune system and its application in short-term optimal scheduling of hydro-plants in cascade reservoirs
ZUO Xing, MA Guang-wen, XU Gang, TAO Chun-hua
2007, 18(2): 277-281.
Abstract PDF
Characteristic parameters analysis of groundwater reservoir in Jining city,Shandong province
LI Wei, SHU Long-cang, LI Yan-ge
2007, 18(2): 282-285.
Abstract PDF
Discussion of theory and methods for building a distributed hydrologic model
ZHANG Jin-cun, RUI Xiao-fang
2007, 18(2): 286-292.
Abstract PDF
Aquatic ecological region approach and its application in China
MENG Wei, ZHANG Yuan, ZHENG Bing-hui
2007, 18(2): 293-300.
Abstract PDF
Advance in remote sensing of lake water quality
ZHANG Bo, ZHANG Bai, HONG Mei, DUAN Hong-tao, SONG Kai-shan, WANG Zong-ming
2007, 18(2): 301-310.
Abstract PDF