Impact of forest and grass ecosystems on the water budget of the catchments
DAI Jun-feng, CHEN Jia-zhou, CUI Yuan-lai, HE Yuan-qiu, MA Ji-gang
2006, 17(4): 435-443.
Abstract PDF
Hydrodynamics process of soil erosion and sediment yield by runoff on Loess Slope
LI Peng, LI Zhan-bin, ZHENG Liang-yong
2006, 17(4): 444-449.
Abstract PDF
Multiple flow direction algorithm with flow partition scheme based on downslope gradient
QIN Cheng-zhi, LI Bao-lin, ZHU A-xing, YANG Lin, PEI Tao, ZHOU Cheng-hu
2006, 17(4): 450-456.
Abstract PDF
Sensitivity analysis on land data assimilation scheme of soil moisture
HUANG Chun-lin, LI Xin
2006, 17(4): 457-465.
Abstract PDF
Hydraulic characteristic parameters of macrospore flow based on spacing fractal dimension
ZHOU Ming-yao, YU Chang-hong, QIAN Xiao-qing
2006, 17(4): 466-470.
Abstract PDF
Spatial variability of soil water infiltration in the plain of Shiyang river basin
JIA Hong-wei, KANG Shao-zhong, ZHANG Fu-cang, TONG Ling, YAO Li-min
2006, 17(4): 471-476.
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Using indicator Kriging to analyze and evaluate spatial distributions of soil water and salt in field
XU Ying, CHEN Ya-xin, WANG Jun-sheng, LIU Quan-ming
2006, 17(4): 477-482.
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Application of integrated system of GIS-PModflow to water environment early warning in west of Songnen plain
TANG Jie, BIAN Jian-min, LIN Nian-feng, YANG Jian-qiang
2006, 17(4): 483-489.
Abstract PDF
Mitigation of landslide hazards:Case study of rainfall warning criteria
LIN Hung-chou, YU Yu-zhen, LI Guang-xin, CHEN Tien-chien
2006, 17(4): 490-495.
Abstract PDF
Plane 2D flow-water quality-sediment pollution couple model in shallow lake
GONG Chun-sheng, YAO Qi, ZHAO Di-hua, WU Yun-hai, FENG Mao-wu
2006, 17(4): 496-501.
Abstract PDF
Effect of ecological engineering of the streams entering lake on flow velocity
TIAN Wei-jun, WANG Chao, ZHAI Jin-bo, DONG Jie
2006, 17(4): 502-506.
Abstract PDF
3D numerical simulation for spillway tunnel
SHA Hai-fei, WU Shi-qiang, CHEN Zhen-wen
2006, 17(4): 507-511.
Abstract PDF
Experimental investigation on mixing characteristics of a round jet in co-flow
XIAO Yang, TANG Hong-wu, HUA Ming, WANG Zhi-liang
2006, 17(4): 512-517.
Abstract PDF
Numerical modeling of vertical 2D unsteady flow and suspended material distribution
FENG Xiao-xiang, ZHANG Xiao-feng, CUI Zhan-feng
2006, 17(4): 518-524.
Abstract PDF
Water detection with high-resolution SAR image based on texture and imaging knowledge
ZHU Jun-jie, GUO Hua-dong, FAN Xiang-tao, DING Chi-biao, LI Li-gang, LI Yu-long
2006, 17(4): 525-530.
Abstract PDF
Numerical research on waves of a water body affecting the mean cosine of downwelling light field just beneath the surface of water
ZHAO Qiao-hua, QIN Bo-qiang
2006, 17(4): 531-537.
Abstract PDF
Hydrology and storage capacity analysis of rainwater retarding practices for flood mitigation in urban area
LIAO Chao-xuan, CAI Yao-lung, HUANG Wei-min, Cheng Mow-soung
2006, 17(4): 538-542.
Abstract PDF
Comprehensive evaluation methods for irrigation district
LI Hui-ling, WANG Xiu-gui, CUI Yuan-lai, LI Kai, FANG Bin
2006, 17(4): 543-548.
Abstract PDF
Available water resources in China
WANG Jian-sheng, ZHONG Hua-ping, GENG Lei-hua, XU Peng-bo, LIU Cui-shan
2006, 17(4): 549-553.
Abstract PDF
Influence of Three Gorge reservoir filled with water on freshwater resource in the Yangtze River estuary
CAO Yong, CHEN Ji-yu, ZHANG Er-feng, CHENG Shen-liang, CAO Wei-cheng
2006, 17(4): 554-558.
Abstract PDF
Effect of the forest ecosystem on water quality in the water supply catchment for the middle line of South-to-North Water Transfer Project: A case study of the Huoditang forest,part of the medium altitude,southern slope of the Qinling mountain range
ZHANG Sheng-li, LI Jing, HAN Chuang-ju, WANG De-lian
2006, 17(4): 559-565.
Abstract PDF
Progress in study on the water quality purification functions of wetlands in watersheds
XI Min, LIU Hong-yu, LÜ Xian-guo
2006, 17(4): 566-573.
Abstract PDF
Advances in study on parameter identification methods for environmental models
WANG Jian-ping, CHENG Sheng-tong, JIA Hai-feng
2006, 17(4): 574-580.
Abstract PDF
Water-man relationship through history
ZHANG Jia-cheng
2006, 17(4): 581-584.
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