Study on flood-causing annual maximum storm over China
LIU Guo-wei, SHEN Guo-chang
2006, 17(2): 151-159.
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Composite study of diurnal cycle of precipitable water vapor derived from ground-based GPS in Chengdu Plain during the warm season
LI Guo-ping, HUANG Ding-fa, LIU Bi-quan
2006, 17(2): 160-163.
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Advection and convergence of water vapor transport over the northwest China
WANG Ke-li, JIANG Hao, ZHAO Hong-yan
2006, 17(2): 164-169.
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Experimental studies on salt exchange between freshwater and sediments in a polder reservoir
GAO Zeng-wen, ZHENG Xi-lai, WU Jun-wen
2006, 17(2): 170-175.
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Experimental studies on aeration performance of hydraulic tunnel excavation
FAN Li-li, SHA Hai-fei, WU Shi-qiang, ZHOU Hui, CHEN Hui-ling
2006, 17(2): 176-180.
Abstract PDF
First flush effect of urban stormwater runoff and management of runoff pollutant
WANG He-yi, LIU Min, LIU Qiao-mei, HOU Li-jun, OU Dong-ni
2006, 17(2): 181-185.
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Digital watershed model for the Yellow River:construction and application
LIU Jia-hong, WANG Guang-qian, LI Tie-jian
2006, 17(2): 186-195.
Abstract PDF
Revised exchange period model of water bodies and its application in the upper stream of the Yellow River
WANG Hong-rui, LIU Chang-ming, JIANG Xiao-hui
2006, 17(2): 196-202.
Abstract PDF
Comparison and analysis of computed results for cavitating flow with four turbulence models
QIAN Zhong-dong, HUANG She-hua
2006, 17(2): 203-208.
Abstract PDF
Study on the velocity distributions for ice-covered flow
MAO Ze-yu, LUO Sheng, ZHAO Sheng-wei, XIANG Peng, YUE GuangXi
2006, 17(2): 209-215.
Abstract PDF
Estimations of interblock conductivity and darcian means in unsaturated flow
PEI Yuan-sheng, WANG Jin-sheng, TIAN Zhao-hui, CUI Peng
2006, 17(2): 216-221.
Abstract PDF
Study on diurnal change of physic-chemistry of karst spring of epikarst system
LI Lin-li, KUANG Ming-sheng, ZHANG Yuan-zhu, WANG Jian-li, XIE shi-you, JIANG Yong-jun, LIU Yu
2006, 17(2): 222-226.
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2D mathematical model for water-sediment between Wakouzi-Majiazui reach in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River
LU Yong-jun, WANG Zhao-yin, ZUO Li-qin, ZHU Li-jun
2006, 17(2): 227-234.
Abstract PDF
Modification of water continuity equation considering the exchange flux between sediment laden flow and bed
CUI Zhan-feng, ZHANG Xiao-feng, FENG Xiao-xiang, XIE Zuo-tao
2006, 17(2): 235-241.
Abstract PDF
Study on the inversion model for the suspended sediment concentration in remote sensing technology
LI Hong-ling, ZHANG Ying, JIANG Jie
2006, 17(2): 242-245.
Abstract PDF
Numerical model of sediment deposit for Dongting Lake
SHI Yong, LUAN Zhen-yu, HU Si-yi
2006, 17(2): 246-251.
Abstract PDF
Parameterization scheme for averaged evapotranspiration over heterogeneous surface in moist climate region
LIU Jin-miao, DING Yu-guo, ZHOU Xiu-ji, WANG Fang
2006, 17(2): 252-258.
Abstract PDF
Method for delineation and codification of a large basin based on DEM and surveyed river network
LUO Xiang-yu, JIA Yang-wen, WANG Jian-hua, WANG Hao, QIN Da-yong, ZHOU Zu-hao
2006, 17(2): 259-264.
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Study on temporal distributing characteristics of rainstorm flood and partition of flood season in the drainage basin of Yuecheng Reservoir
ZOU Ying, GUO Fang, SHEN Guo-chang, WANG Yin-tang
2006, 17(2): 265-270.
Abstract PDF
Study of multisite streamflow generation model in Taiwan
WEI Chia-chen, CHEN Shih-wei, WU Ray-shyan, CHANG Chih-cheng
2006, 17(2): 271-277.
Abstract PDF
Representative conditions of the long-term morphodynamic model
REN Jie, WU Chao-yu, JIA Liang-wen
2006, 17(2): 278-282.
Abstract PDF
Study on the integration management of flood control consultation system
ZHOU Hui-cheng, HE Bin, LIANG Guo-hua
2006, 17(2): 283-287.
Abstract PDF
Progress in research on the sources and characterization of urban rainfall runoff
LI Li-qing, YIN Chen-qing, HE Qing-ci, KONG Ling-li
2006, 17(2): 288-294.
Abstract PDF
Risk management: the trend of the drought management
GU Ying
2006, 17(2): 295-298.
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