Study on the fine sediment settling velocity formula with the parameter of Ca2+ concentration
WANG Jia-sheng, CHEN Li, WANG Zhi-guo, HUANG Rong-min
2006, 17(1): 1-6.
Abstract PDF
Evolution characteristics of the subsurface temperature anomaly in the equatorial Pacific to two pattern ENSO events
ZHAO Yong-ping, CHEN Yong-li, ZHANG Meng-ning, WANG Fan, WU Ai-ming
2006, 17(1): 7-13.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study on ecological water use in a gully catchment of the loess plateau: effects of climate and land use change
HUANG Yi-long, CHEN Li-ding, FU Bo-jie, WANG Yang-lin
2006, 17(1): 14-19.
Abstract PDF
Hydrochemical characteristics and evolution laws of groundwater in Songnen Plain, Northeast China
ZHANG Guang-xin, DENG Wei, HE Yan, Ramsis Salama
2006, 17(1): 20-28.
Abstract PDF
Impacts of the spatial variation of hydraulic conductivity on the transport fate of contaminant plume
YAN Ting-ting, WU Jian-feng
2006, 17(1): 29-36.
Abstract PDF
Application of environmental isotope and fuzzy clustering method to study leakage from embankment
FAN Zhe-chao, CHEN Jian-sheng, LI Shi-xing
2006, 17(1): 37-42.
Abstract PDF
Regional groundwater pumpage for agriculture responding to precipitation in North China Plain
ZHANG Guang-hui, FEI Yu-hong, LIU Ke-yan, WANG Jin-zhe
2006, 17(1): 43-48.
Abstract PDF
Velocity profile of open-channel flows in the transitional roughness region on mobile beds
LIU Chun-jing, LI Dan-xun, QU Zhao-song, WANG Xing-kui
2006, 17(1): 49-54.
Abstract PDF
Study on the hydraulic reaction of unsteady flows in open channel
FAN Jie, WANG Chang-de, GUAN Guang-hua, CUI Wei
2006, 17(1): 55-60.
Abstract PDF
Study of circulating velocity profile and lateral sediment transport in curved channels
SUN Dong-po, ZHU Qi-wu, ZHANG Yao-xian, ZHANG Xiao-song
2006, 17(1): 61-66.
Abstract PDF
Influence of variations in suspended sediment concentration and grain size on sediment deposition of Yichang-Hankou reach of Yangtze River
XU Jiong-xin
2006, 17(1): 67-73.
Abstract PDF
Study on spatial variability of soil moisture on the recultivated slope-land on the Loess Plateau
HU Wei, SHAO Ming-an, WANG Quan-jiu
2006, 17(1): 74-81.
Abstract PDF
Hydrologic characteristics and estuarine dynamic process during the dry season in Modaomen Estuary of the Pearl River
JIA Liang-wen, WU Chao-yu, REN Jie, LEI Ya-ping, ZHOU Shui-hua
2006, 17(1): 82-88.
Abstract PDF
Inter-decadal change of the rainstorm and flood extreme values in the 20th century
GUAN Tie-sheng, WANG Jia-qi
2006, 17(1): 89-94.
Abstract PDF
Comprehensive assessment indicator system for water resources and its development and use
LAI Hai-liang, WANG Dang-xian, WU Di-fei
2006, 17(1): 95-101.
Abstract PDF
Application of the virtual water trade to China’s grain security
MA Jing, WANG Dang-xian, A. Y. Hoekstra, XIA Hai-xia
2006, 17(1): 102-107.
Abstract PDF
Capability comparison among watershed pollution loading models
ZENG Si-yu, DU Peng-fei, CHEN Ji-ning
2006, 17(1): 108-112.
Abstract PDF
Research on stochastic diffusion water quality model
PENG Qin-wen
2006, 17(1): 113-115.
Abstract PDF
Evaluation indicators system for regional ecosystem health
SONG Lan-lan, LU Gui-hua, LIU Ling, HE Rui-min
2006, 17(1): 116-121.
Abstract PDF
CAP model for regional water pollution control system
LONG Ying, JIA Hai-feng, HE Yong
2006, 17(1): 122-128.
Abstract PDF
Review and progress of research in numerical simulation of dam-break water flow
SHI Hong-da, LIU Zhen
2006, 17(1): 129-135.
Abstract PDF
Advance in flood frequency analysis for partial duration series
DAI Chang-jun, LIANG Zhong-min, LUAN Cheng-mei, YE Ya-qi
2006, 17(1): 136-140.
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