Study on salinization of water channeled from Yellow River in Beidagang reservoir during the stored period
ZHAO Wen-yu, WANG Qi-shan, WU Guo-ping, WU Li-bo, SUN Zeng-feng, ZHENG Li-yan
2005, 16(6): 763-766.
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Transportation and accumulation of mercury and other heavy metal in water-biofilm-sediment system of Huangpu River
CHENG Jin-ping, LIU Cai-e, WANG Wen-hua
2005, 16(6): 767-772.
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Study on accelerating water desalination in polder reservoir for storage of fresh water along the coast
MAO Xian-zhong, ZHU Xiao-ao, CHEN Fu-yuan, YU Qi-wen, WEN Bao-zhong
2005, 16(6): 773-776.
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Eutrophication model for the branch of Three-Gorges Reservoir
LI Jin-xiu, YU Xue-zhong, XING Zhi-guo
2005, 16(6): 777-783.
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Research on the water ecological planning for city environmental system
ZHU Liang
2005, 16(6): 784-787.
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High precision radial basis function network model for predicting water environment nonlinear time series
YANG Xiao-hua, YANG Zhi-feng, SHEN Zhen-yao, LU Gui-hua, LI Jian-qiang
2005, 16(6): 788-791.
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Variable properties of the equatorial undercurrent in the Pacific and its anomalous warm water eastward propagation
CHEN Jin-nian, LÜ Xin-yan, HU Dun-xin
2005, 16(6): 792-798.
Abstract PDF
Construction of the basin geomorphological instantaneous unit hydrograph using SSNs
SHI Peng, RUI Xiao-fang
2005, 16(6): 799-803.
Abstract PDF
Nonparametric grade evaluation method for water resource system
JIN Ju-liang, WANG Ming-wu, WEI Yi-ming, DING Jing
2005, 16(6): 804-809.
Abstract PDF
Study on the concept and connotation of Pan-Valley
LIU Ning
2005, 16(6): 810-816.
Abstract PDF
Game analysis for emergent water dispatch compensation
XIAO Zhi-juan, XIE Jian-cang, KONG Ke, LI Liang
2005, 16(6): 817-821.
Abstract PDF
Study on the city water resources capacity model with partial least-squares regression
LI Lin, FU Qiang
2005, 16(6): 822-825.
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Chemical compositions of surface and ground waters of Guiyang city:discussion of water-rock interaction and contamination in karstic hydrological system
LANG Yun-chao, LIU Cong-qiang, ZHAO Zhi-qi, LI Si-liang, HAN Gui-lin
2005, 16(6): 826-832.
Abstract PDF
Scale effect of water saving in rice-based irrigation system
DONG Bin, CUI Yuan-lai, LI Yuan-hua
2005, 16(6): 833-839.
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Numerical modeling of flow-sediment transport in the middle-lower reach of the Yangtze River
SHI Yong, LUAN Zhen-yu, HU Si-yi
2005, 16(6): 840-848.
Abstract PDF
Seepage problems of deepwater high earth-rock cofferdam in Three Gorges Project
DAI Hui-chao, WANG Ling-ling
2005, 16(6): 849-852.
Abstract PDF
Study on semi-discrete central-upwind scheme for the 2-D shallow water equations
CHEN Jian-zhong, SHI Zhong-ke
2005, 16(6): 853-857.
Abstract PDF
Research on gas properties and current rush to interception air-mass in delivery pipeline system
ZHENG Yuan, SUO Li-sheng, ZHANG Jian, LIU De-you
2005, 16(6): 858-863.
Abstract PDF
Several issues on South-to-North Water Transfer Project supply chain operations management
WANG Hui-min, HU Zhen-yun
2005, 16(6): 864-869.
Abstract PDF
Risk evaluation of the economic losses induced by land subsidence in Shanghai from 2001 to 2020
ZHANG Wei-ran, WANG Ren-tao
2005, 16(6): 870-874.
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Reservoir operation rule for multipurpose water supplyThe study is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.50479039).
YIN Zheng-jie, HU Tie-song, CUI Yuan-lai, WANG Xiao-lin, ZENG Zhi-xuan
2005, 16(6): 875-880.
Abstract PDF
Research on water supply operation of reservoir in Xi’an area
HUANG Qiang, HUANG Wen-zheng, XUE Xiao-jie, WANG Yi-min
2005, 16(6): 881-886.
Abstract PDF
Review of the study on land surface process in soil freezing and tha wing
ZHOU Yu-hua, YE Bai-sheng, HU He-ping
2005, 16(6): 887-891.
Abstract PDF
Development in research on the fractal theory of soil water and solute transport mechanisms
LI Yun-kai, YANG Pei-ling, REN Shu-mei, LUO Yuan-pei
2005, 16(6): 892-899.
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