Formation and characteristics analyses of lateral high concentration convergence zones produced by a pollutant-contained impinging jet in flowing water
FAN Jing-yu, ZHANG Yan, WANG Dao-zeng
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Abstract PDF
Research on vortexes of cross flow past a horizontal circular cylinder by PIV system
WU Jian, QI E-rong, LI Wei, HUANG Ming-hai, LI Guo-ya
2005, 16(5): 628-633.
Abstract PDF
Theoretical analysis of the deflection degree of the flow direction under bevel bridge
LI Fu-jun, ZHANG Bai-zhan, LIN Gui-bin
2005, 16(5): 634-637.
Abstract PDF
Study on the distribution and balance of the salt in the inland basin
DONG Xin-guang, JIANG Hui-fang, DENG Ming-jiang, ZHOU Jin-long
2005, 16(5): 638-642.
Abstract PDF
Dynamics of water resources and land use in oases in middle and lower reaches of Shiyang River watershed,Northwest China
LI Xiao-yu, XIAO Du-ning
2005, 16(5): 643-648.
Abstract PDF
Calculation of carrying capacity of eco-environments in Haihe River basins
ZHU Yong-hua, XIA Jun, LIU Su-xia, JIA Shao-feng, FENG Hua-li
2005, 16(5): 649-654.
Abstract PDF
Study on nitrate-N export changes of the Xijiang River
LIU Ling, HE Guo-qing
2005, 16(5): 655-660.
Abstract PDF
Investigation on calculation method for flow concentration with stochastic input
SUN Ying-na, RUI Xiao-fang
2005, 16(5): 661-665.
Abstract PDF
Recent change of pan evaporation and possible climate factors over the Huang-Huai-Hai watershed,China
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2005, 16(5): 666-672.
Abstract PDF
Characteristic and variation of groundwater recharge resources in the middle reaches of Heihe River basin
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2005, 16(5): 673-678.
Abstract PDF
Effect of the anisotropy in porous media on the spatial variability of the hydraulic conductivity
SHI Xiao-qing, WU Ji-chun, YUAN Yong-sheng, JIANG Bei-lei
2005, 16(5): 679-684.
Abstract PDF
Impact of sand excavation in Pearl River delta on hydrology and environment
HAN Long-xi, JI Hong, LU Yong-jun, MO Si-ping
2005, 16(5): 685-690.
Abstract PDF
Analysis on scour and deposit variation characteristic of sediment after the operation of Gezhouba hydro project
DAI Hui-chao, HE Wen-she, YUAN Jie, CAO Shu-you
2005, 16(5): 691-695.
Abstract PDF
Integrating the hydrological technology for analyzing the base-system of water
LIU Ning, DU Guo-zhi
2005, 16(5): 696-699.
Abstract PDF
Comprehensive evaluation on ability of coping with agriculture drought in China
GU Ying, NI Shen-hai, WANG Hui-rong
2005, 16(5): 700-704.
Abstract PDF
Study on frangibility zoning of agricultural drought in China
NI Shen-hai, GU Ying, WANG Hui-rong
2005, 16(5): 705-709.
Abstract PDF
Application of the SWAN wave model to Bohai Sea:Improvement of Phillips linear growth term
YANG De-zhou, YIN Bao-shu, XU Yan-qing, WANG Jin, SHA Ri-na
2005, 16(5): 710-714.
Abstract PDF
Analysis and evaluation of water environmental carrying capacity in Three Gorges Reservoir
CHEN Yong-can, LIU Zhao-wei
2005, 16(5): 715-719.
Abstract PDF
Index system and fuzzy sets theory for comprehensive evaluation on regulation and storage capacity of underground reservoir
ZHENG De-feng, WANG Ben-de, NIAN Ting-kai
2005, 16(5): 720-725.
Abstract PDF
Comprehensive evaluation of water resource carrying capacity based on fuzzy recognition
LI Ya-wei, CHEN Shou-yu, FU Tie
2005, 16(5): 726-729.
Abstract PDF
Spatial-temporal distribution model for the groundwater elevation of dam abutment
ZHENG Dong-jian, WANG Jian
2005, 16(5): 730-734.
Abstract PDF
Assessment and optimization model of water resources control alternative for the Yellow River basin
WU Ze-ning, ZUO Qi-ting, DING Da-fa, CUI Meng, CAO Qian, XING Duan-sheng
2005, 16(5): 735-740.
Abstract PDF
A SVM regress forecasting method based on the fuzzy recognition theory
LI Qing-guo, CHEN Shou-yu
2005, 16(5): 741-746.
Abstract PDF
Review of effect of the ecohydrological process on water environment
YAN Deng-hua, HE Yan, WANG Hao, QIN Da-yong, WANG Jian-hua
2005, 16(5): 747-752.
Abstract PDF
States and advances in monitor of ice thickness change
LI Zhi-jun, HAN Ming, QIN Jian-min, XI Yu-zhu, LU Peng
2005, 16(5): 753-757.
Abstract PDF
Serial discontinuity concept and its development status in river ecosystem research
ZHANG Shui-long, FENG Ping
2005, 16(5): 758-762.
Abstract PDF