Experimental study on influences of sediment-laden flow with wide sediment concentration range on channel metamorphosis
ZHANG Ou-yang, MA Huai-bao, ZHANG Hong-wu, DONG Zhan-di, XU Xiang-zhou
2005, 16(1): 1-6.
Abstract PDF
Study on the separation zone in open-channel junction
MAO Ze-yu, ZHAO Sheng-wei, LUO Sheng, ZHANG Lei
2005, 16(1): 7-12.
Abstract PDF
Experiments on characteristic of vertical diffusion in open-channel stratified shear flows
CHU Ke-jian, HUA Zu-lin, WANG Hui-min, XING Ling-hang, ZHANG Hong-xing
2005, 16(1): 13-17.
Abstract PDF
Energy dissipation and hydraulics characteristics of multi-horizontal submerged jets
ZHANG Jian-min, WANG Yu-rong, YANG Yong-quan, XU Wei-lin, LI Yan-ling, ZENG Xiong-hui, CHENG Hao
2005, 16(1): 18-22.
Abstract PDF
Computation of resistance coefficient and conveyance capacity in compound channels
YANG Ke-jun, CAO Shu-you, LIU Xing-nian
2005, 16(1): 23-27.
Abstract PDF
Discussion of velocity distribution and resistance under ice cover
2005, 16(1): 28-31.
Abstract PDF
Application of artificial neural network to numerical wave prediction
QI Yi-quan, ZHANG Zhi-xu, LI Chi-wei, LI Yok-sheung, SHI Ping
2005, 16(1): 32-35.
Abstract PDF
Improved numerical model for nearshore wave breaking
LI Shao-wu, LI Chun-ying, GU Han-bin, SHI Zhong
2005, 16(1): 36-41.
Abstract PDF
Long term distribution of disaster-caused typhoon storm surges in the coastal area
DONG Sheng, HAO Xiao-li, LI Feng, LIU De-fu
2005, 16(1): 42-46.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of scouring on bedrock
DENG Jun, XU Wei-lin, YANG Zhong-chao, QU Jin-xue
2005, 16(1): 47-51.
Abstract PDF
Evolvement of water outlet of Cao’e River and its dredging
FENG Li-hua, BAO Yi-xin
2005, 16(1): 52-55.
Abstract PDF
Study on monitoring drought in China with MODIS product
QI Shu-hua, LI Gui-cai, WANG Chang-yao, NIU Zheng
2005, 16(1): 56-61.
Abstract PDF
Temporal and spatial analysis of water demand of crops in Yellow River Delta based on remote sensing
PAN Zhi-qiang, LIU Gao-huan, ZHOU Cheng-hu
2005, 16(1): 62-68.
Abstract PDF
Effects of groundwater recharge using sand piles on solute transport in fallow croplands by sand tank model
YEH Yi-lung
2005, 16(1): 69-75.
Abstract PDF
Predicting reference evaportranspiration based on artificial neural network with genic arithmetic
CUI Yuan-lai, MA Chen-xin, SHEN Xi-zhong, MA Ji-gang
2005, 16(1): 76-81.
Abstract PDF
Adoption of water conservation practices in the society and comparison evaluation study
CHEN Ying, LIU Chang-ming, ZHAO Yong
2005, 16(1): 82-87.
Abstract PDF
Water quality evaluation based on fuzzy artificial neural network
CHEN Shou-yu, LI Ya-wei
2005, 16(1): 88-91.
Abstract PDF
Application of extended waterbody diffusion formulate to environmental risk assessment
SHI Jian-rong
2005, 16(1): 92-102.
Abstract PDF
Study on carrying capacity of urban water environment
ZUO Qi-ting, MA Jun-xia, GAO Chuan-chang
2005, 16(1): 103-108.
Abstract PDF
Study on water resources carrying capacity based on regional development goals
YAO Zhi-jun, LIU Bao-qin, GAO Ying-chun
2005, 16(1): 109-113.
Abstract PDF
Systematic risk evaluation model for flood-control system
CHENG Wei-shuai, CHEN Jin
2005, 16(1): 114-120.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of ice-flood in Sikeshu River basin on the north slope of Xinjiang Tianshan mountain
JIA Bing, LIU Zhi-hui, MAO Hua-sheng
2005, 16(1): 121-126.
Abstract PDF
Vertical water cycle and its ecological effect in inland basins,Northwest China
ZHOU Ai-guo, MA Rui, ZHANG Chen
2005, 16(1): 127-133.
Abstract PDF
Advances in effects of dams on river ecosystem
MAO Zhan-po, WANG Yu-chun, PENG Wen-qi, ZHOU Huai-dong
2005, 16(1): 134-140.
Abstract PDF
Application of fractal theory to hydrology and water resources
ZHANG Shao-wen, WANG Wen-sheng, DING Jing, CHANG Fu-xuan
2005, 16(1): 141-146.
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