Study of mechanism of watershed concentration flow based on probability theory
RUI Xiao-fang
2004, 15(2): 135-139.
Abstract PDF
Runoff-evaporation hydrological model for arid plain oasis, 1, the model structure
HU He-ping, TANG Qiu-hong, LEI Zhi-dong, YANG Shi-xiu
2004, 15(2): 140-145.
Abstract PDF
Runoff-evaporation hydrological model for arid plain oasis, 2, applications of the model
TANG Qiu-hong, TIAN Fu-qiang, HU He-ping
2004, 15(2): 146-150.
Abstract PDF
1-D and 2-D zonal coupling algorithm for flow and sediment transport
ZHANG Xiu-zhong, WANG Guang-qian, JIN Sheng
2004, 15(2): 151-155.
Abstract PDF
Calculation and analysis of the bottom tearing scouring phenomenon in flood with hyperconcentration in the Yellow River
GOU Yuan-you
2004, 15(2): 156-159.
Abstract PDF
1-D numerical simulation of unsteady flow and non-uniform sediment transport at the Sanmenxia reservoir in the Yellow River
CHEN Qian-hai, FANG Hong-wei, WANG Guang-qian
2004, 15(2): 160-164.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of sediment transport in unsteady flow of river network
SUN Zhao-hua, LI Yi-tian, CAO Zhi-fang
2004, 15(2): 165-172.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study on turbulent jet interacting with surface standing wave
CHEN Xing-wei, C. T. Hsu
2004, 15(2): 173-177.
Abstract PDF
Experimental study and numerical simulation of long non-linear shallow-water waves
WANG Da-guo, ZOU Zhi-li
2004, 15(2): 178-183.
Abstract PDF
Refined simulation of submerged jump
DAI Hui-chao, WANG Ling-ling
2004, 15(2): 184-188.
Abstract PDF
Dynamic simulation study on inner source nutrient exchange between water-sediment interfaces in the Xuanwu Lake
XUE Lian-qing, LÜ Xi-wu, WU Lei
2004, 15(2): 189-192.
Abstract PDF
Application of unsteady water quality model for looping river network to water pollution control planning
ZENG Si-yu, XU Yi-jian, ZHANG Tian-zhu
2004, 15(2): 193-196.
Abstract PDF
Study on erosion process by the REE tracer method
SONG Wei, LIU Pu-ling, YANG Ming-yi
2004, 15(2): 197-201.
Abstract PDF
Multiple objective decision making-ideal interval method for comprehensive assessment of water environmental quality
YANG Xiao-hua, YANG Zhi-feng, LI Jian-qiang, ZHANG Ji-chang
2004, 15(2): 202-205.
Abstract PDF
Continuum fractal model for unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity
WANG Kang, ZHANG Ren-duo, WANG Fu-qing
2004, 15(2): 206-210.
Abstract PDF
Stochastic hydrogeochemical modeling of water-rock interaction system
TONG Hai-tao, SONG Han-zhou
2004, 15(2): 211-215.
Abstract PDF
Soil moisture dynamics in an artificially re-vegetated desert area
WANG Xin-ping, KANG Er-si, ZHANG Jing-guang, LI Xin-rong
2004, 15(2): 216-222.
Abstract PDF
Study on variation of ground-water after ecological water transport in the lower reaches of Tarim River
XU Hai-liang, SONG Yu-dong, CHEN Ya-ning
2004, 15(2): 223-226.
Abstract PDF
Improved analytic hierarchy process for evaluating water resources sustaining utilization
JIN Ju-liang, ZHANG Li-bing, WEI Yi-ming
2004, 15(2): 227-232.
Abstract PDF
Fuzzy iteration model for reservoir flood operation
WANG Ben-de, YU Yi-bin, LIU Jin-lu, WANG Shu-ying
2004, 15(2): 233-237.
Abstract PDF
Visual dynamic simulation for water conveyance system
ZHONG Deng-hua, XIONG Kai-zhi, QI Lan
2004, 15(2): 238-242.
Abstract PDF
Application of marginal cost analysis to water resources development
FANG Hong-yuan, WANG Yin-tang
2004, 15(2): 243-248.
Abstract PDF
Advances in low flow research
YIN Fu-cai, WANG Zai-gao, LIANG Hong
2004, 15(2): 249-254.
Abstract PDF
Study advances in diagnosis of chaotic behaviour and its prediction for rainfall and streamflow time series in watershed
HUANG Guo-ru, RUI Xiao-fang
2004, 15(2): 255-260.
Abstract PDF
Advance in regional flood frequency analysis from abroad
XIONG Li-hua, GUO Sheng-lian, WANG Cai-jun
2004, 15(2): 261-267.
Abstract PDF
2004, 15(2): 268-268.
Abstract PDF