Changes of the entropy, the entropy production and the rate of energy dissipation in river adjustment
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Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation study of flow field around the sandpit with complicate shape in riverbed
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Abstract PDF
Research on processes and factors of rill erosion
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Abstract PDF
Study on spatial and temporal characters of rill erosion on slope
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Abstract PDF
Spatial distribution of runoff and sediment in the vertical belts of soil erosion chain in loess region of hilly and gully
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Abstract PDF
Effect of erosion control measures on sediment delivery ratio
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Abstract PDF
Study on simulation and prediction of river water quality based on unascertained information
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Abstract PDF
Policy conflict analysis of water quality improving for the transboundary regions of Guanting reservoir
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Abstract PDF
Analysis and calculation on generating and propagating of landslide bore
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Abstract PDF
Second-order dynamic sub-grid-scale stress model with double coefficients
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Abstract PDF
ENSO events associated with the variation of the antarctic sea ice extent
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Monitoring and analysis of thermodynamics in Tianmuhu Lake
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New idea for controlling, the limited elevation of reservoirs in the flood season
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2004, 15(1): 68-72.
Abstract PDF
Genetic projection pursuit method for evaluating water resources reproducible ability
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2004, 15(1): 73-76.
Abstract PDF
Drought risk assessment model for irrigation region
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Analytical solution of one-dimensional transient phreatic flow and its application
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Abstract PDF
Comparison of water drainage and nitrate leaching calculated by soil water balance model and dynamic process model
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Abstract PDF
Numerical modeling of groundwater flow and analysis of water budget in Nebraska Sand Hills, USA
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2004, 15(1): 94-99.
Abstract PDF
Primary study on application of brilliant blue dye to indicating the boundary layer of solute transport
ZHENG Ji-yong, WANG Li-mei, SHAO Ming-an
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Abstract PDF
Introduction of algorithms used in PIV technique
SUN He-quan, SHEN Yong-ming, WANG Yong-xue, KANG Hai-gui, LI Guang-wei
2004, 15(1): 105-108.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of flow in the outlet passages of reversible pumping station by RNG k-ε turbulent model with wall-function law
CHENG Li, LIU Chao, ZHOU Ji-ren, TANG Fang-ping
2004, 15(1): 109-112.
Abstract PDF
Operating mechanism and developing perspective of flood insurance bond
WEI Min-jie, JI Chang-ming
2004, 15(1): 113-116.
Abstract PDF
Theoretical analysis and study of flood insurance
WANG Ben-de, YU Yi-bin
2004, 15(1): 117-122.
Abstract PDF
Research advances and direction on the theory and practice of reasonable water resources allocation
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Abstract PDF
Discussion on problems of intelligentizing flow simulation
GU Zheng-hua, TANG Hong-wu, LI Yun, XIAO Yang
2004, 15(1): 129-133.
Abstract PDF
2004, 15(1): 134-134.
Abstract PDF