Study on real-time monitoring and management system for water resources in river basin
XIE Xin-min, JIANG Yun-zhong, YAN Ji-jun, YANG Xiao-qing, BIAN Jing-zhen
2003, 14(3): 255-259.
Abstract PDF
Indicators for evaluating water use rationality
JIA Shao-feng, ZHANG Shi-feng, WANG Hao
2003, 14(3): 260-264.
Abstract PDF
Indicators for evaluating sustainable utilization of regional water resources
LIU Heng, GENG Lei-hua, CHEN Xiao-yan
2003, 14(3): 265-270.
Abstract PDF
Fuzzy matter-element model for evaluating sustainable utilization of regional water resources
PAN Feng, LIANG Chuan, WANG Zhi-liang, FU Qiang
2003, 14(3): 271-275.
Abstract PDF
Analyses and simulations of the water transfer from the lower Tarim River
CONG Zhen-tao, ZHOU Hai-ying, LEI Zhi-dong, WU Liu-yi, Omerjan
2003, 14(3): 276-279.
Abstract PDF
Jensen model and ANN model for water-fertilizer production function of winter wheat
ZHOU Zhi-wei, SHANG Song-hao, LEI Zhi-dong
2003, 14(3): 280-284.
Abstract PDF
Synthetic research on water allocation network
DU Jian, LI Ying, MENG Xiao-qiong, FAN Xi-shan, YAO Ping-jing
2003, 14(3): 285-289.
Abstract PDF
New method for treating flat areas and closed depressions in the digital elevation models
KONG Fan-zhe, RUI Xiao-fang
2003, 14(3): 290-294.
Abstract PDF
Flood forecasting and dispatching decision support system in Aojiang River Basin
TANG Yong, HU He-ping, TIAN Fu-qiang, LU Hui
2003, 14(3): 295-299.
Abstract PDF
An experimental study of 2-D vertical turbulent jets in flowing water
HUAI Wen-xin, LI Ai-hua, NA Yu-tong, YANG Zhong-hua, TONG Han-yi, HUANG Ji-zhong
2003, 14(3): 300-304.
Abstract PDF
Application of the nested adaptive quadtree grids FDS numerical model to the pollution zone for inshore water region
HUA Zu-lin, LIU Xiao-dong, WANG Tong-yuan, LU Xue-jun
2003, 14(3): 305-310.
Abstract PDF
Ammonia sorption and retention characters in the riparian reed zone
WANG Chao, WANG Pei-fang, TANG Jing-song, YANG Min
2003, 14(3): 311-317.
Abstract PDF
Vertical turbulent mixing process of sewage in nature rivers
DU Yan-liang, CHU Jun-da
2003, 14(3): 318-322.
Abstract PDF
Research on harnessing eutrophication in lakes with ecological environment rechanging theory
CHEN Ming-zhao, DING Xun-jing, XU Jing-huai
2003, 14(3): 323-327.
Abstract PDF
Parallel computing of nonlinear wave transformation over topography with mild slopes
ZHENG Yong-hong, YOU Ya-ge, SHEN Yong-ming, WU Bi-jun
2003, 14(3): 328-332.
Abstract PDF
Study on wave bottom boundary layers over a rippled bed
JIANG Chang-bo, BAI Yu-chuan, ZHAO Zi-dan, ZHANG Hong-wu
2003, 14(3): 333-340.
Abstract PDF
Study on the chamfering of the Shihong section in Lujiahe shallow reach of the Yangtze River
CHEN Li, CUI Cheng-zhang, XIE Bao-ling
2003, 14(3): 341-344.
Abstract PDF
Experimental research on threshold velocity of undisturbed and muddy loam in the area of Sutong bridge on the Yangtze River
HONG Da-lin, ZHANG Si-he, GAO Zheng-rong, TANG Cun-ben
2003, 14(3): 345-349.
Abstract PDF
Flow numerical model for river systems
WU Zuo-ping, YANG Guo-lu, GAN Ming-hui
2003, 14(3): 350-353.
Abstract PDF
Characteristics of temporal and spatial distribution of momentum coefficients for the Yangtze River estuary
SONG Zhi-yao, ZHANG Wei-sheng
2003, 14(3): 354-357.
Abstract PDF
Quantitative analysis on impacts of human activities on the groundwater resources based on GIS
YANG Jian-qiang, LUO Xian-xiang, GAO Zhen-hui
2003, 14(3): 358-362.
Abstract PDF
Permeable reactive wall for remediation of organic-contaminated groundwater
CUI Jun-fang, ZHENG Xi-lai, LIN Guo-qing
2003, 14(3): 363-367.
Abstract PDF
Challenges of basin study to traditional hydrological conceptions: the 50 years anniversary of hydrological basin study of PRC and the 20 years anniversary of Chuzhou Hydrological Laboratory
GU Wei-zu, LU Jia-ju, TANG Hai-xing, WANG Quan-jiu
2003, 14(3): 368-378.
Abstract PDF
Water circulation compound aquifer system in Qiongbei of Hainan province
GUO Chun-qing
2003, 14(3): 379-383.
Abstract PDF
Review on the flood losses of the 20th century in the United States and comparative study on flood damages between China and USA in 1990s
JIANG Fu-ren, CHENG Xiao-tao, XIANG Li-yun, WU Yu-cheng
2003, 14(3): 384-388.
Abstract PDF