3-D numerical simulation of circulating flow in the square cavity
ZHANG Xiu-zhong, WANG Guang-qian
2003, 14(1): 1-8.
Abstract PDF
2-D open channel flow simulations by the lattice Boltzmann model
CHENG Yong-guang, SUO Li-sheng
2003, 14(1): 9-14.
Abstract PDF
3-D numerical simulation on overbank steady open channel flows in compound channels
HUAI Wen-xin, CHEN Wen-xue, TONG Han-yi, ZHUO Jian-min
2003, 14(1): 15-19.
Abstract PDF
On velocity response of tracing particles in laser-based velocimetry to complex flows, 1, mathematical model for small particle motion and verification of numerical methods
HUANG She-hua, WEI Qing-ding
2003, 14(1): 20-27.
Abstract PDF
On velocity response of tracing particles in laser based velocimetry to complex flows, 2, numerical analysis of sliding velocity of tracing particles in various flows
HUANG She-hua, WEI Qing-ding
2003, 14(1): 28-35.
Abstract PDF
Nonlinear study on transport rate of bedload
YANG Ju-rui, FANG Duo, HE Wen-she, LIU Xing-nian
2003, 14(1): 36-40.
Abstract PDF
Calculation method for the topographic index in TOPMODEL
KONG Fan-zhe, RUI Xiao-fang
2003, 14(1): 41-45.
Abstract PDF
Study on characteristic of the absorption and scattering coefficients of Taihu Lake waters
YU Hong, CAI Qi-ming, WU Jing-lu
2003, 14(1): 46-49.
Abstract PDF
Stable oxygen isotope in water mediums in Urumqi River basin
ZHANG Xin-ping, YAO Tan-dong, TIAN Li-de, LIU Jin-miao
2003, 14(1): 50-56.
Abstract PDF
Application of the environment isotope method to study on the leakage passage in foundation of Beijiang Dyke Shijiao section
CHEN Jian-sheng, DONG Hai-zhou, CHEN Liang
2003, 14(1): 57-61.
Abstract PDF
Abnormal characteristics analysis of groundwater temperature field in canyon areas
ZHOU Zhi-fang, WANG Jin-guo
2003, 14(1): 62-66.
Abstract PDF
Solution to 3-D unsteady saturated-unsaturated seepage problem and accurate treatment of saturated and unsaturated exit surfaces of seepage
ZHU Yue-ming, GONG Dao-yong
2003, 14(1): 67-71.
Abstract PDF
Two-Region model for solute transport through heterogeneous soils and calculation of the analytical solution
ZHANG De-Sheng, SHEN Bing, SHEN Jin, WANG Quan-jiu
2003, 14(1): 72-78.
Abstract PDF
PCB biodegradation in constructed wetland and contamination risk analysis
LIU Ling, LU Gui-hua
2003, 14(1): 79-84.
Abstract PDF
Predicting of temporal-spatial change of groundwater table resulted from current land use in Minqin oasis
MA Xing-wang, LI Bao-guo, WU Chun-rong, PENG Hong-jia, GUO You-zhen
2003, 14(1): 85-90.
Abstract PDF
Atmospheric hydrologic cycle over the Qilian-Heihe Valley
WANG Ke-li, CHENG Guo-dong, JIANG Hao, ZHANG Li-jie
2003, 14(1): 91-97.
Abstract PDF
Definition and classification of non-structure measures for flood prevention
LIU Guo-wei
2003, 14(1): 98-103.
Abstract PDF
Application of the Web GIS to the provincal flood control and command information service subsystem
ZHOU Hui-cheng, HE Bin, LIANG Guo-hua, XIAO Jian-min, YIN Jun-xian
2003, 14(1): 104-108.
Abstract PDF
Study on the region water resources carrying capacity
FENG Yao-long, HAN Wen-xiu, WANG Hong-jiang, LAN Ji-jian, HUANG Jin-ming
2003, 14(1): 109-113.
Abstract PDF
Application of GIS to the water dispatching decision support system
WANG Yu, WANG Dao-xi, WANG Jun-liang, WANG Tong, YANG Li-bin, HOU Chuan-he
2003, 14(1): 114-117.
Abstract PDF
Review of studies on the water requirement for sediment transport of the lower Yellow River
SHI Wei, WANG Guang-qian
2003, 14(1): 118-123.
Abstract PDF
Study on water right, available utilization and protection of water resources in international rivers
FENG Yan, HE Da-ming
2003, 14(1): 124-128.
Abstract PDF
2003, 14(1): 129-130.
Abstract PDF