Numerical study on the effect of vortices upon particle motion in unsteady and unstable liquid-particle two-phase flows
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Abstract PDF
Numerical hydraulic modeling visualization system based on software component
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Abstract PDF
Water environment models and their modelbase management
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2002, 13(1): 14-20.
Abstract PDF
Research on stochastic model of total phosphorus in uniformly mixed system
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Abstract PDF
An experimental study of vertical round jets in shallow water
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Abstract PDF
Application of the genetic algorithm to the gray non-linear programming problems for water environment
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2002, 13(1): 31-36.
Abstract PDF
River flow prediction using artificial neural networks: self-adaptive error back-propagation algorithm
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2002, 13(1): 37-41.
Abstract PDF
Development of generalization module for the reservoir flood-control system
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Abstract PDF
Development and application of the multi-object and multilevel water demand prediction system
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2002, 13(1): 49-54.
Abstract PDF
Modeling soil water retention curve with fractal theory
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2002, 13(1): 55-60.
Abstract PDF
Research on the behavior of fluid flow in a single fracture and its equivalent hydraulic aperture
WANG Yuan, SU Bao-yu
2002, 13(1): 61-68.
Abstract PDF
Numerical simulation of soil water movement under condition of film hole irrigation
Hudan·Tumarbay, Murat
2002, 13(1): 69-73.
Abstract PDF
Wick effect and unsaturated soil column test
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Abstract PDF
Non-linear revision of multiple-time-scale turbulence model and its verification
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2002, 13(1): 78-82.
Abstract PDF
Water content of cloud and its water circulation
ZHANG Xue-wen
2002, 13(1): 83-86.
Abstract PDF
Application of the generalized regression neural network to simulating runoff from the mountainous watersheds of inland river basins in the arid area of northwest China
CHEN Ren-sheng, KANG Er-si, ZHANG Ji-shi
2002, 13(1): 87-92.
Abstract PDF
Century’s retrospect and looking into the future of hydrological science
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2002, 13(1): 93-104.
Abstract PDF
Advances and prospects for nonpoint source pollution studies
ZHENG Yi, WANG Xue-jun
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Abstract PDF
Advances in study on regional water resources carrying capacity and research on its theory
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2002, 13(1): 111-115.
Abstract PDF
Advances in study on transport models of multicomponent reacting solutes in groundwater
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2002, 13(1): 116-121.
Abstract PDF
Conventional drinking water treatment technologies:existing problems and countermeasures
BAI Xiao-hui, HE Lan-xi, WANG Bao-zhen
2002, 13(1): 122-127.
Abstract PDF
2002, 13(1): 128-129.
Abstract PDF
2002, 13(1): 130-132.
Abstract PDF