Numerical Modeling of Flow and Sediment Transports in Tidal River Networks
SHI Yong, HU Si-yi
2001, 12(4): 431-438.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Simulation of Thermal and Saline Stratified Flow
HU Zhen-hong, SHEN Yong-ming, ZHENG Yong-hong, QIU Da-hong
2001, 12(4): 439-444.
Abstract PDF
Effects of AlCl3 on Fine Sediment Flocculation and Settling
CHEN Hong-song, SHAO Ming-an
2001, 12(4): 445-449.
Abstract PDF
Application of the Wavelet to Study on the Turbulence Structure of Sediment-Laden Flow
2001, 12(4): 450-454.
Abstract PDF
Study on Effect of Starting Works Dredging River and Strengthening Dike on Deposition Reduction in the Narrow Reach of the Lower Yellow River
YAO Wen-yi, WANG De-chang, LI Guang-you
2001, 12(4): 455-459.
Abstract PDF
Spatial Variability of Soil Water and Salt in Field and their Estimations by the CoKriging
HU Ke-lin, LI Bao-guo, CHEN De-li, R. E. White
2001, 12(4): 460-466.
Abstract PDF
Experimental Study on Parameters Identification for Two-Phase Flow (Water-Air) in Unsaturated Zone
CHEN Jia-jun, PENG Sheng, WANG Jin-sheng, WANG Zhi-ming, LI Shu-shen
2001, 12(4): 467-472.
Abstract PDF
Parametric Estimation of the Van Genuchten’s Equation by the Optimization Method
LI Chun-you, REN Li, LI Bao-guo
2001, 12(4): 473-478.
Abstract PDF
Study on Diffusive Wave Flood Routing for the Stage-Discharge Relationship Downstream Boundary Condition
HUANG Guo-ru, HU He-ping, TIAN Fu-qiang, YIN Da-kai
2001, 12(4): 479-484.
Abstract PDF
Application of the Preissmann Implicit Scheme to Flow Computation for Reticular and Branched River Channels
LEI Zheng-xiong, JIANG Yan
2001, 12(4): 485-490.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Simulation of Anti-Regulating Reservoir
WEI Gen-qun, CHEN Bi-hong, SU Xiao-hui
2001, 12(4): 491-498.
Abstract PDF
Study on the Risk Analysis Method of Flood-Control Decision Based on Water Stage Forecast
HUANG Zhen-ping, SHEN Fu-xin, ZHU Yuan-sheng, WANG Dao-xi
2001, 12(4): 499-503.
Abstract PDF
Study on Sustainable Development in Concordance within Water Resources, Water Environment and Economy for Dalian
CHEN Shou-yu, WANG Guo-li, ZHU Wen-bin, NIE Xiang-tian
2001, 12(4): 504-508.
Abstract PDF
Water Balance in Land-Atmospheric System over the Yalu Tsangpo River Basin
ZHANG Shun-li, TAO Shi-yan
2001, 12(4): 509-515.
Abstract PDF
Experimental Study on Threshold Rainfall Determination for Artificial Rainwater-Harvesting Catchments
LI Xiao-yan, GONG Jia-dong, GAO Qian-zhao
2001, 12(4): 516-523.
Abstract PDF
Research on Some Questions Concerning the Load Capacity Analysis of Water Resources in the Northwest Region of China
WANG Yu, YANG Li-bin, ZHANG Xin-hai, HOU Chuan-he, HE Hong-mou, QIAO Xi-xian, SUN Shou-song
2001, 12(4): 523-529.
Abstract PDF
Sustainability Assessment of Water Resources Utilization in Development of the West China
BAO Cun-kuan, SHANG Jin-cheng, LU Yong-sen
2001, 12(4): 530-534.
Abstract PDF
Study on Soil Water Resource and Its Evaluating Methodology
XIA Zi-qiang, LI Qiong-fang
2001, 12(4): 535-540.
Abstract PDF
Design of Hydrology Data Compilation System Based on GIS
SONG Li-song, YU Kai-sen
2001, 12(4): 541-546.
Abstract PDF
Advances in Applications of Remote Sensing Data to Hydrology
FU Guo-bin, LIU Chang-ming
2001, 12(4): 547-559.
Abstract PDF
Integration of Geographical Information System Technology and Hydrological Model
WAN Hong-tao, ZHOU Cheng-hu, WAN Qing, LIU Shu
2001, 12(4): 560-568.
Abstract PDF
2001, 12(4): 569-570.
Abstract PDF