Efficient Solution Method for the Elliptic Mild Slope Equation
ZHENG Yong-hong, SHEN Yong-ming
2001, 12(3): 281-285.
Abstract PDF
Horizontal 2-D Uneven Sediment Mathematical Model in Dike Burst
YU Ming-hui, ZHANG Lao-feng
2001, 12(3): 286-290.
Abstract PDF
Complex Response in Channel Adjustment in the Lower Yellow River during the Period of Clear-Water Scour
XU Jiong-xin
2001, 12(3): 291-299.
Abstract PDF
Establishment and Verification of the Point Source Infiltration Model for the Filmed Hole Irrigation
WANG Wen-yan, TAN Qi-lin, JIAO Xi-yun, ZHANG Jiang-hui, DING Xi-li
2001, 12(3): 300-306.
Abstract PDF
Study on the Infiltration Characteristics of Single Filmed Hole and Its Mathematical Model under Filmed Hole Irrigation
WU Jun-hu, FEI Liang-jun, WANG Wen-yan
2001, 12(3): 307-311.
Abstract PDF
Test for Crop Coefficients of Rice in Plastic Film Mulched Dryland
PENG Shi-zhang, LI Rong-chao
2001, 12(3): 312-317.
Abstract PDF
Study on Glaciological Simulation Model
BAO Wei-min, QU Si-min
2001, 12(3): 318-323.
Abstract PDF
A Method on Determining the Parameters of the Hydrological and Energy-Balance Model and Its Use:A Case Study of Qinghai Lake at Holocene Megathermal
JIA Yu-lian, SHI Ya-feng, FAN Yun-qi
2001, 12(3): 324-330.
Abstract PDF
Study on vertical Distribution of Soil Erosion on Loess slope
LIU PU-ling, WU Chun-long, JU Tong-jun, YANG Ming-yi
2001, 12(3): 331-335.
Abstract PDF
Study on Fissured Rock Seepage with Isotope Tracer Method at Xinanjiang River Right Dam
CHENG Jian-sheng, DONG Hai-zhou, LI Xing-wen, ZHOU Hua-wen
2001, 12(3): 336-342.
Abstract PDF
Experimental Simulation of Oncomelania’s Flow Field and Its Application
LI Da-mei, WANG Xiang-san, LAI Yong-gen
2001, 12(3): 343-349.
Abstract PDF
Analyzing Pollution Pattern in Seaward Firth of Jiaolujiang with A Numerical Method of Nonlinear Diffusion
WANG Xiang-san, LI Da-mei
2001, 12(3): 350-355.
Abstract PDF
Projection Pursuit Method for Assessing Analogy Basins
ZHANG Xin-li, DING Jing, WANG Shun-jiu
2001, 12(3): 356-360.
Abstract PDF
A Bilinear Time Series Model Based on Genetic Algorithm for Predicting Groundwater Level Regime
JIN Ju-liang, YANG Xiao-hua, JIN Bao-ming, DING Jing
2001, 12(3): 361-366.
Abstract PDF
Kernel Density Estimation Model and Its Application to Stochastic Generation in Hydrology and Water Resources
WANG Wen-sheng, DING Jing, YUAN Peng
2001, 12(3): 367-372.
Abstract PDF
Quality Evaluate Technique of Mu1ti-Sources Rainfall Data
ZHAO Wei-min, WANG Chun-qing
2001, 12(3): 373-377.
Abstract PDF
Water Resources Development and Oasis Evolution in Inland River Basin of Arid Zone of Northwest China──A Case Study: Minqin Basin of Shiyang River
LIU Heng, ZHONG Hua-ping, GU Ying
2001, 12(3): 378-384.
Abstract PDF
3-Dimensional Seepage Analysis Caused by Excavating Another Drainage Corridor in Dam
HUANG Wei, LIU Ying-xi, SUN Ling-zhu
2001, 12(3): 385-389.
Abstract PDF
A Simplified Optimal Operation Model for Comprehensive Utilization Multiple Reservoir System
ZHU Ying-yuan
2001, 12(3): 390-394.
Abstract PDF
Advances in Study of Runoff Detachment Processes Based on Hydraulics
ZHANG Guang-hui
2001, 12(3): 395-402.
Abstract PDF
Application of the Turbulence Model to Environmental Hydraulics problem
HUA Zu-lin
2001, 12(3): 403-412.
Abstract PDF
Water Environment Problem of Irrigation in China
ZHOU Wei-bo, LI Pei-cheng
2001, 12(3): 413-417.
Abstract PDF
Problems and Their Solutions in Physical Modeling of River Process in Alluvial Streams
ZHANG Hong-wu, FENG Shun-xin
2001, 12(3): 418-423.
Abstract PDF
Principle of Maximum Entropy and Its Application in Hydrology and Water Resources
WANG Dong, ZHU Yuan-sheng
2001, 12(3): 424-430.
Abstract PDF