Study on Spaital Variability and Optimal Estimation of Unsaturated Flow Parameters
Huang Guanhua, Xie Yonghua
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Abstract PDF
Transfer Function Approach of Chloride Travel in Saturated Soil under Steady Flow Condition
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Abstract PDF
Preliminary Study on Time Spatial Variability of Soil Water Pressure
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Abstract PDF
Research of Linear Programming Model for Water Rock Reactions and Its Application: Hydroelectric Project of Xiluodu as an Example
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Abstract PDF
A Radial Basis Function Model Predicting Daily Reference Evaportranspiration
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Abstract PDF
Application of Digital Elevation Model to Topological Evaluation of Drainage System
Ren Liliang, Liu Xinren
1999, 10(2): 129-134.
Abstract PDF
Research on Real Time Optimal Flood Dispatching Model for Yanghe Reservoir
Shao Dongguo, Song Xingyuan, Xia Jun, Sun Zhiqiang
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Abstract PDF
Preliminary Study on the Seasonal Periods Classification of Floods by Using Fractal Theory
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Abstract PDF
Wavelet Analysis of Hydrological Time Series
Li Xianbin, Ding Jing, Li Houqiang
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Abstract PDF
Genetic Algorithm with a Simple Heuristic Local Tuning
Yang Rongfu, Ding Jing, Jin Juliang
1999, 10(2): 150-154.
Abstract PDF
Research on Characteristics of Pressure Regulation in the Constant Pressure Sprinkler Irrigation System
Gong Shihong, Guo Zhixin, Wu Feng
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Abstract PDF
Preliminary Study on No Flow Disaster in the Lower Reaches of Yellow River
Yao Wenyi, Zhao Yean, Tang Liqun, Li Shiguo
1999, 10(2): 160-164.
Abstract PDF
Nonuniformity of Spatial Distribution of Rainfall and Relationship Between Point Rainfall and Areal Rainfall of Different Patterns of Rainstorm on the Loess Plateau
Wang Wanzhong, Jiao Juying, Hao Xiaoping
1999, 10(2): 165-169.
Abstract PDF
Natural Annual Runoff Estimation from 1470 to 1918 for Sanmenxia Gauge Station of Yellow River
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Abstract PDF
Research on Hydrologic Network Plan and Development
Niu Zuirong
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Abstract PDF
A Review on Water Exchange through Interface between Groundwater, Soil Moisture or Atmospheric Water
Yang Jianfeng
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Abstract PDF
Perspective of the Water Demand of China by the Mid 21th Century
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Abstract PDF
Implication of Water Resources and Its Value
Wang Dangxian, Wang Hao, Yin Mingwan
1999, 10(2): 195-200.
Abstract PDF