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Dilution Analysis for near Field of Unidirectional Diffusers in River
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Instability of Water Chemistry in the Karst Region——An Example from Central Guizhou
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Stochastic Characteristics of Potential Evapotrnaspiration——A Case Study
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Study on Runoff Modeling in Non Data Watershed Using Geo Referenced Data
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Elimination of the Influence of High Frequency Components on the Determination of Secular Trends of Sea Level Changes
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Fractal Feature in Turbulent Fluctuation Pressure
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Half Self Adaptive Updating Kalman Filter Model of Channel Flow Routing
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Controlled Weight Method for Improving the Generalization Ability of Layered Forward Neural Networks
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Incipient Motion Conditions with Incipient Probability for Non Cohesive Uniform Sediment
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Application of Neural Network Expert System to Bedrock Fissure Water Prospecting
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Discussion on Water Resources Decline in Shanxi Province
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