Effect of Macro-Pores on Soil Saturated Conductivity in Plow Layer
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Laboratory Experimental Study of Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationships for Rock Fracture
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Horton Law and Fractal Nature of Branching Networks
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Study of Water Level Forecasting Model with Backwater Effect
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Analysis of Runoff Formation Characters and Desert-Coverd Area in Semi-Desert Basin
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Improved Linear Programming-Dynamic Programming Model and Its Application
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Combination of Sea Environmental Events and Design Criteria
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2-D Mobile Bed Turbulent Model for Tidal Funnel
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Experiment Study of the Region Non-Sediment Movement in Cylinder Circulation Flow
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Synthetic Research on Hydraulic Characteristics of Culvert Shapes behind Valve for Three Gorges Ship Lock
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Study on the Classified System of Chinese Lakes
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Second Remark on Scenic Water Resources
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Application of Chaotic Anylysis in Hydrologic Prediction
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Analysis and Discussion Related to the Hydrological Watershed Models Used in the First Hydrological Forecasting Technology Competition of China
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