A Study on Hydrologic Cycle of Land-Atmosphere System of China
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1997, 8(2): 99-107.
Abstract PDF
Seasonal Variations of Precipitation and Rainstorm in China
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Abstract PDF
Stochastic Analysis of Two-Dimensional Unsaturated Flow in a Heterogeneous Soil
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Abstract PDF
Flood Classifying Prediction and Optimal Flood Dispatching
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Abstract PDF
An Analytical Diffusion Model and Its Application to Water Level Forecast
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Abstract PDF
Discontinuous Water Wave Propagation in the Cascade Reservoirs
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1997, 8(2): 137-141.
Abstract PDF
A New Turbulent Model and Its Applications
Ma Fuxi
1997, 8(2): 142-147.
Abstract PDF
Power Type Velocity Distribution Formula and Skin Friction Laws for Wall Turbulence: (Ⅰ) Hydraulic Rough Region
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Abstract PDF
Robust Estimation In Flood Frequency Analysis
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Abstract PDF
An Approach to Estimation of Design Flood Hydrograph Based on Rainfall Data
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Abstract PDF
Geochemical Mechanisms Controlling Basic Chemical Compositions of Lake Water Mass
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1997, 8(2): 169-175.
Abstract PDF
Experimental Study of Nitrogen Transport and Transformation in Soils
Wang Chao
1997, 8(2): 176-182.
Abstract PDF
Variation Trends of Three Types of Nitrogen in the Soil and Groundwater after Wastewater Irrigation
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Abstract PDF
Prototype Observation about Discharge Atomization Pollution at High Dam
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Abstract PDF
Study of Losses of Fertilizaer in Drained Agricultural Lands: Present Status and Prospect
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1997, 8(2): 197-204.
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