Laboratory Study for Influence of Air on the Infiltration Flow in the Soil Unsaturated Zone
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A Solution Method for the Large-Scale Multi Objective Linear Programming
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Calculation Method of the Ratio between Crop Leaf Transpiration and Soil Evaporation from Farmland
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GIS and Its Application in Hydrology and Water Resources
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One Dimensional Mathematical Model of Water and Sediment Routing in the Yellow River Mouth Reach
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Soil Erosion Caused by on the Sloping Land Impacts of Raindrop and Its Simulation
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Cross-Section Morphology of River
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Karst Water Model of Non-Closed Watershed
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Reliability Study on Flood Forecasting in River Channel
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Statistically Diagnostic Analysis on Regional Hard Rain in the Delta of the Yangtze River
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On Scienic Water Resources
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Study of Field Mulching Techniques for Soil Moisture Conservation
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Advance of Research on the Theory and Methodology of the Grey Modelling, Planning and Assessment of the Regional Water Environmental Quality
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